Wow. This weekend was amazing. Big Soup turned out better than I could have ever imagined. All the bands showed up, the food was incredible, and more than 100 people came through. Shakela, who used to work in a soul food vegan restaurant in chicago, made six amazingly delicious dishes courtesy of Campus Vegetarian Society. Alex donated his dough skills and we had fresh cuban bread. John Fisher baked a cake. Onur worked the doors, enticing newcomers to take a chance and roll the "dice of death" instead of paying cover. The sound was great thanks to Collin's PA and sound equipment hookups. The bands did an awesome job, and pretty much 80% of the crowd stayed for the whole 3 hours, even as the music styles kept changing. We even got to stay a bit past the 10 pm curfew that was in the building use contract, thanks to friends that live in the IDF. When the food ran out, Clara from the Cockblocks helped us order some cheap pizzas to keep everyone full. Moneywise, we pretty much broke even, which was better than I expected. Thanks to everyone that helped out, and thanks to everyone that came. I had a really fun time. Next time, we won't forget to bring the nintendo! I will post some pictures of the event soon.


Congrats to Asif and thanks to everyone who participated in the picsound contest/festivities. Click here to view Asif's submission, Max's Day Off. Will vidsounds be the next evolution of picsounds? I hope so.


Click here to read an interview I had recently with the local arts/entertainment newspaper.

Asif says:

congrats on the press/interview. very cool. & glad to hear big soup was a success.

as for the vidsound, i have but five words for you:

All Collabos. All The Time.

just wait till the next project drops.