Doritos Flavor Nugget DIY Secret Recipe Rare Weird Gift

Christmas time is here! Listen to a christmas song by mike just (my roomate) and p. frank.

Also mike is ebaying a delicious dorito flavor nugget on ebay! You should bid:
AMAZING! Doritos Flavor Nugget.

This 'nugget' seems to be an aggregation of the secret spices that Frito-lay uses to flavor their Guacamole style Doritos. It is approximately 5 cm long by about 2 cm wide. I found it in a bag of Guacamole Doritos while I was minding my own business. I have stored it in a climate controlled setting since I removed it from the bag.

This would be a great gift for someone who has everything. Who has a Doritos' Flavor Nugget? Not too many people, if any besides me, and you could be the lucky new owner.

Want to practice your food chemistry skills? Unlock the secret spice recipe from this flavor nugget. (for personal-use only, not for resale or to divulge trade secrets)

Bet your friend to eat it! Amazing, the flavor nugget will not disappoint. (Don't eat it if it will make you sick)

Perhaps the flavor nugget holds special powers to cast away unwanted anythings!

Maybe it is really salty !

Tired of traditional margarita salt, rub this on your rim!

use it as sidewalk chalk!




I have no idea what the flavor nugget is made from specifically (obviously, Dorito goodness) , I'll tell you all I know.

3leet says:

Dude, this is a waste of ebay space and your web space. Seriously, you follow up big soup 2 with this? com'on. If this "nugget" didn't so closely resembe the "nuggets" you can get for $50 per 1/8 ounce, the person who found it would have never posted it. I don't see any cooler ranch or nacho cheezier nuggets on ebay. Why? because it's assenine, just like this guacamole nugget. Now, I'm off to post some "giant" pudding skins for sale opening bid only $0.99.

beethoven says:


zirafa says:

now everybody just settle down! this isn't just ANY flavor nugget - it was found by our very own mike just. so you see, this nugget strikes close to home. The value of it may not seem like much, but that little nugget has a lot of heart.

NoFunSally says:

"If this "nugget" didn't so closely resembe [sic] the "nuggets" ..." My response is, as the purveyor of this ebay posting, is that you probably have a drug problem. I gather this because this was an aggregation of secret spices from a bag of guacamole flavored Doritos and you say it looks like reefer. Also, two spelling mistakes ("resembe" and "assenine") in only 85 words can be nothing more than a clear signal of your disposition to be burnout. Also, its ironic don't you think, your misspelling of asinine?

Bid hard.

beethoven says:


baruatron says:

hi guys.

it is getting hot in here.

i am going to take my clothes off.

beethoven says:

i challenge all of you to a fight

Miss. ME (not verified) says:

hey u guys i reall dont know wat u r talkin about so BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!