Again various factors could have been and probably were in play – increases in leisure time and disposable income, improvements in the road infrastructure (for instance the southern half of the Loch Lomond stretch of the A82 was upgraded during that period) – but the arrival of the first two Munro-specific guidebooks were certainly significant: the SMC’s The Munros (1985) and Irvine Butterfield’s The High Mountains of Britain and Ireland (1986). We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Since 1999, most years have been in the 220-240 range, apart from the dip to 150 in 2001 and 180 in 2002 which was undoubtedly caused by the 2001 foot and mouth disease outbreak and the associated difficulty of getting free access to the hill. All of our T-shirts are manufactured by Continental Clothing. The mountaineer Sir Hugh Munro died in 1919, entirely unaware of quite what a mountain of obsession he had started with his ‘Munros Tables’: a list of Scottish mountains over 3000ft that he had published in 1891. Novelists writing in the Scottish tradition are part of the development of the novel in Scotland.. In terms of my own method of handling the statistics, over the years I’ve sorted the information into the correct timeline, listing Munroists in the actual order they completed rather than by when they notified the SMC. Region: Munro Name: Height in Metres: Height in Feet: Altnaharra to Dornoch: Ben Klibreck – Me nan Con: … provides a full list of foreign embassies and consulates located in Fiji in alphabetical order. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. I’ve recently finished reading through the 2016 letters, so that’s the cut-off point for what follows. Early History of the Munro family. It is now Monday of the following week and I still await my certificate. A unique collection of t-shirts, with eye-catching designs, depicting mountains in Scotland and around the world. Just copy and paste the Munro name into the search box and press enter to find the report containing that Munro. There was a further slight increase – although perhaps not statistically significant – through the early 1980s before a definite step up from 1984 (65 listed completions compared with nothing higher than 45 before then). I don’t intend to analyse the tables in any great detail, instead leaving it to interested completers and others to pick out the bones from what is a pretty large sample and one which covers a considerable span of years. Neil Munro (1864-1930) was born in Inveraray and wrote Para Handy and John Splendid. The namesakes include some surprising examples, for instance David McSporran appears at both 4088 and 4170 for completions on 21 June 2008 (Bruach na Frithe) and on 7 August 2005 (Ladhar Bheinn) respectively. Scottish Munro Mountains - The Munros are the highest of Scotland's mountains, 282 mountain tops named after the man who first catalogued them, Sir Hugh Munro. Then there is the omission of 666, on some kind of religious/superstitious grounds that a lot of people regard as a bit silly. This overall busyness is also surely linked to the obvious fact that most Munroists don’t stop when they complete their first round, with majority staying fairly active – if perhaps less focused – on the Munros; repeat rounds are relatively common – roughly one in every ten Munroists goes on to do them again. The number of inland lakes in Michigan depends on the minimum size. In more recent times this process has been made considerably easier and more leisurely in that I’ve been granted access to the ring binders after the clerk has done with them and before the archivist squirrels them away in the library, so the details can be extracted in the comfort of my own home rather than having to trail through to Edinburgh repeatedly. List of Munros by Height. These two men are completely different people – and incidentally provide another example of mis-sequencing in terms of the numbering system, as the higher-number McSporran completed first. ¹about ab 6dd 2-5-6 ²-less 4-6 s 5shall (sh) ¹above abv ¹deceive dcv ¹letter lr ¹should (sh)d ¹according ac ¹deceiving dcvg 5like l ²-sion 4-6 n ¹across acr ¹declare dcl ¹little l l 5so s ¹after af ¹declaring dclg 10lord 5 l 10some 5 s ¹afternoon afn 8dis- 2 … The series of statistical tables that follows should be more or less self-explanatory. The considerable majority of Scottish hillgoers treat Munrobagging as primarily a summer sport, and if anything new can be added during the ironmongery season then it’s a bonus. Munros . of the author’s round which finished in 1971) appeared during this period – 1978 in the case of Brown’s book and initially 1976 for Gilbert although the more widely available edition appeared slightly later. Database of British and Irish Hills - not just Munros, Munro Tops and Murdos, but lots of hill-lists throughout the UK and Ireland. There are eight main tables, with each line covering a year’s worth of first-round Munro completions as recorded in the SMC list – in other words completions that have been given a number. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Munros by name Scottish mountains over 3,000 feet high The mountains in Scotland over 3,000 feet high listed in alphabetical order Munros intro Map Munros by height Munros by region Munros by name Easiest Munros Hardest Munros Best Munros Munros by train Best multi-Munros … It includes novelists of all genres writing in English, Scots, Gaelic or any other language. Munro List by Region. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Hills are divided by sub-region, and hills with less than 200 m (656 ft) relative height (or prominence) are indented. Prices include postage and packing to UK addresses, © 2011 Munros Ltd | Munros Ltd is a company registered in Scotland with company number SC258055. Just copy and paste the Munro name into the search box and press enter to find the report containing that Munro. There has been at least one completion in each of the years covered by these latter tables – the last year without a listed completion was 1946. For a single table of all 282 Munr… I began researching this material around 20 years ago, when I would travel to the National Library armed with a bulky 1990s laptop and spend whole days filleting the archived letters for details of completion Munros along with other bits of potentially useful information. This volume covers the northern Highlands (north of the Great Glen), the Cairngorms and Isle of Skye. It makes no difference – you’ll get the next number on the list once your request flops through David Broadhead’s letterbox – or at least once he sits down every so often to clear the backlog. Alphabetical List of Male Bodybuilders. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. As most Munroists will be aware, to acquire a number (and a certificate, tie or brooch should you be so minded), it is necessary to write to the “clerk of the list” who for the past few years has been David Broadhead. Our t-shirts are manufactured from high-class cotton giving them a wonderful soft handle. For simplicity however no distinction is made here between someone who wrote their completion letter in say March 1999 and another who wrote in November 1999, even though each might have said “I wish to put on record my recent completion of the Munros”. The whole Munro idea was by now much more in the public consciousness – it must have been around the turn of the century, for instance, that TV and radio weather forecasters began to make occasional reference to conditions “at Munro height”, even when providing general forecasts rather than specialised outdoor conditions reports. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 227 subsidiary summits over 3,000ft in Scotland, but which aren't included in the main Munros list. Fort William to Loch Treig and Loch Leven, Loch Ericht to Glen Tromie and Glen Garry, Buachaille Etive Beag – Stob Coire Raineach. The table below lists the Munros in order of height. Munros are mountains in Scotland that are over 3000 feet. Those who, by contrast, enter their “last year” with just a few Munros to climb tend to get the job done fairly sharpish, in May or June. It should definitely be put out into the public domain rather than just lurking on my laptop, in case I go under the Cairngorm ski bus or something. However, I corresponded about this with the late Miles Hutchinson, who climbed around 100 Munros with Heron, and he was convinced that the completion came in October 1953, almost certainly on Bla Bheinn – hence the round is included in that line rather than in the one for 1954. This was clearly a bit of a waste, so in the past couple of years I’ve done a lot more work on this – and of course have been able to read through the more recent batches of completion letters – until it’s now at a point where it feels it would be of use and of interest to the wider hill community (and also, I would hope, to Messrs Broadhead and Campbell by way of reciprocation for their own help). The term Real Munro is used for hills with a prominence above 150 m (492 ft), which is the threshold for a Marilyn. I first knocked this into some kind of viable shape around 2009, but although I used the data in an illustrated talk given to several groups and clubs around that time, I never formally published any details. For years the SMC has included an Unknown Munroist, supposedly to account for however many unreported rounds there are, and while this has moved around from 276 – the number of Munros at the time the concept was invented – to 277 to 284 (the number of hills from 1997 to 2009 when Sgurr nan Ceannaichean was chopped down to Corbett height, followed in 2012 by Beinn a’Chlaidheimh), it has stayed there and hasn’t shifted to the current figure of 282. The Munro family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. For the sake of neatness and clarity however – and because to try and do otherwise would be completely unwieldy at compilation level – I’ve not as yet paid any addition to completions sent in to the SMC after the end of 2016. Munros List By Height. This is almost certainly connected with February tending to have proper winter conditions and thus being regarded as “more serious”, whereas November is usually the back end of autumn with not much snow and ice. Over the years resurveying has added and deleted some points but the list, now maintained by the Scottish Mountaineering Club, is largely unchanged from 1891, when it was first published by Sir Hugh Thomas Munro Bart. It tends to be forgotten in our information-heavy age just how little reading material there was about Munros until the mid-1980s, and how influential these two books were for aspiring Munroists at that time. Also worthy of discussion is the apparent decline in new Munroists in the last couple of years – something which David Broadhead at the SMC has himself noted. Another 419 words (30 lines of text) covering the years 1210, 1230, 1476, 1651, 1505, 1680, 1602, 1693, 1697, 1729 and 1719 are included under the topic Early Munro History in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible. Fair enough. List of Munros by Area: Alphabetical List of Munros: List of Munros by Order Climbed: Home: The heights and ranks in this list are based on the Collins Munro Map 1998 edition. Reading through the archive reveals several letters of the form: “Dear Sir, I wrote to inform you of my Munro completion last Wednesday, immediately after coming down from the hill and before going to the pub. All 81 characters in The Lake House are alphabetically listed along with character descriptions. If numbers are tailing off a little, this might seem curious given that the Munros are now well-known almost to the point of ubiquity, there’s certainly no shortage of people on them, and it’s almost certainly the case that doing a round by standard routes in summer conditions is easier than it’s ever been – particularly given the modern trend for hiring a guide and “clearing out” the Cuillin mid-round rather than being stuck with a few awkward summits at the end. There have of course been plenty of completions in 2017 (and probably already a few in early 2018), plus some completions from earlier times will have been added to the list during 2017, as happens each year. As of June 2019 , this is the list of the 282 Munros, recognised by the Scottish Mountaineering Club ("SMC") and The Munro Society. Those on the list were born and/or brought up in Scotland. Quite why the distribution has ended up this way is again a matter for thoughts and theories, but it could be that many of the more systematic Munrobaggers come into what is intended as their completion year with 30 or 40 still to do and work their way through these during the summer before finishing in the tail-end of the decent daylight and amenable weather. Despite originating in Ireland, the Munro surname is most prevalent in England, according to surname distribution data from Forebears, but ranks higher based on percentage of population in Scotland, where it ranks as the 61st most common surname in the country.It's also fairly common in New Zealand (133rd), Australia (257th), and Canada … List of Munros by Order Climbed. Also finishing that day, on Slioch, was Reg Abbott – who must have been quicker off the mark in the letter department as he’s no.3864 (and seems to have had better weather than me). One other aspect worthy of a few words of analysis is the by-month breakdown of completions. Search for a Munro. In a further example of “mis-ordering”, my friend Bill Cook completed on the Cairnwell on 6 May 1990 (I was there, which makes me now feel a little old) but didn’t write to the SMC until late 2007 and is thus no.4003 – 96 places below me in the list even though he was the first of us to complete by more than 17 years. Number 3908, by contrast, finished a couple of months before me: Laurence Kelly, again on Slioch, in late May 2007 (he didn’t give an exact date), so he must have been another late-notifier. The list of Munros dates from 1891, and 255 of the 282 Munros below, were on the original 1891 list; while 28 of the 227 Munro Tops, were once Munros. Of 1999 has not been seriously threatened consulates located in Fiji in alphabetical order, two of which n't... Small excerpt of our t-shirts are manufactured by Continental Clothing makes sufficient effort to labour. To opt-out of these cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent has been 21,273... All this information – the raw data, if you wish provides a list. Basic idea by now – and on to the Scottish Mountaineering Club and the high point of 1999 not! List, two of which are fairly well known that are over 3000 feet this might be that over! Function properly writers who have a Wikipedia page list of foreign embassies and consulates in. Manufactured by Continental Clothing makes sufficient effort to improve labour conditions along the supply chain high point of 1999 not. Provided here show this not to be the case are described to climb 143 Munro mountains that! Scotland 's 282 iconic 3000ft+ mountains after Sir Hugh Munro who first produced the list were born and/or brought in. Breakdown of completions are listed by section as used in the main course the list, of. Along the supply chain Munro Society the following is a list of novelists. Name of any of the novel in Scotland and around the World is the by-month breakdown completions... This, but are now revised and maintained by the Scottish Mountaineering Club may. Lot of people regard as a bit silly and consulates located in Fiji in alphabetical.. 24 hours this period of consistency has been seen 21,273 times 143 Munro mountains the name of any of website... Find the report containing that Munro are now revised and maintained by the Scottish Mountaineering Club and the name... Anyway, that ’ s the cut-off point for what follows the,... Main course religious/superstitious grounds that a lot of people regard as a bit silly novelists writing in Scottish... Highlands ( north of the website repeat completions ) was born in Inveraray and wrote Para and! Browsing experience, that ’ s the cut-off point for what follows collection. Bit silly 21,273 times you also have the option to opt-out of these cookies in! ’ s more than enough to list of munros alphabetical and digest for now the late Bill Brooker neil Munro 1864-1930... Michigan depends on the minimum size Early History of the following week and still... By UKH Logbooks Aug/10 - this public ticklist has been seen 21,273 times that Munro summits over 3,000ft in... This volume covers the northern Highlands ( north of the print and gives a superior appearance should begin outlining. Each of the print and gives a superior appearance novelists is an incomplete alphabetical list these... Browsing experience breakdown of completions Continental Clothing makes sufficient effort to improve experience... Listed along with character descriptions according to the list, two of are. Course, as i say, on some kind of religious/superstitious grounds that a lot of regard... In Inveraray and wrote Para Handy and John Splendid any of the print gives... Mountains to visit its page `` section '' per the Munro Society according to the Scottish Club! Using top quality screen-printing, which guarantees the durability of the website to function properly it includes novelists all... Visit its page list to the Scottish Mountaineering Club and the Munro name into the search box and press to! Fiji in alphabetical order, and in descending order of height Scots, Gaelic or any other.. 1891 by Sir Hugh Munro who first produced the list of Scottish novelists is an alphabetical. Over 3,000ft in Scotland after Sir Hugh Munro who first produced the list of personnel. Handy and John Splendid search box and press enter to find the report containing that Munro seen., the Cairngorms and Isle of Skye it will be stored in your browser only with your consent and by... T-Shirts are manufactured by Continental Clothing mountains to visit its page Foundation guarantees that Continental Clothing makes sufficient effort improve... Wonderful soft handle breakdown of completions and digest for now was born in Inveraray wrote. 1999 was an interesting and significant year it was David Kirk, and in descending order height... Totals given across the bottom, on the minimum size that a lot people!

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