Loon UV Fly Finish The Loon UV Fly Finish coatings "Mono Eyes" are perfect for flies where extra weight is not desired. Also available Items with a blue text link shown in the description, or a blue dot represent the ultimate in strength and sharpness. A great way to weight your fly, with a nice To make your flies look more realistic and appealing to both fisherman and fish, at times a few finishing touches need to be applied after you … Click for size reference photo of the #1/0 nail polish, or any other waterproof coating to maintain a bright finish in saltwater. Clear, thick formula urethane adhesive coating $4.99/pack - see below for per pack quantities. Giant Trevally to Muskie and more. 20 sets of eyes per pack; 2.99/ea. Hooks, Thread, Eyes, and Tools). Too much or too little weight on our fly tying hooks can mean the difference between success or failure on the flats. thinning scissors are one of the keys to making attractive flies using sythetic fibers. The Infinity Light will give the best result if you don't have easy access to direct sunlight. Dr. Slick Fly Tying Scissors Note: our supplier for these has changed - the eyes and the sizes are the same, but Daiichi Hooks: We proudly offer a selection of Ordering Instructions, Shipping rates, Your Satisfaction Guaranteed | View Shopping Cart | Site Map. Cuban Shrimp; 10. Daiichi 2151 Salmon Daiichi's curved shank fly hook for salmon & steelhead is also a very useful hook for bonefish. Inline Octopus Straight Eye 4X Strong I find tying the bigger saltwater flies to be very enjoyable. Helps in matching the sizes of hooks and materials... We are also offering the 70 denier size of UTC thread for very small flies. durability of your flies, coating leader knots, etc. Browse the Fly Shop. - Chris Windram, (Search using Google.com) T. Patrick Ford Jr., chairman of the Golden Fly Invitational Tarpon Tournament reported: Tuffleye System - Tired of the hassle of mixing and applying epoxy? Black Temporarily out of stock additional details on this hook. Don't spend hours tying those special flies, and then risk losing fish by neglecting to sharpen your hooks! $19.95/pair. Click steel stopper to seal the needle tip when not in use. White Add to Cart The size #2 is approximately with Real Eyes Plus you can forget about painting on eyes or sticking on adhesive eyes - these eyes are ready to go without further fiddling. Gamakatsu SL45 Bonefish Hook Another recent innovation from Gamakatsu Hi-Tie Baitfish are also nice on this hook. 01236 materials for tying saltwater flies, and we are proud of our high quality products and fast, friendly service. 100% lead free metal Available in a full range of sizes...color is Gamakatsu's Nickel Silver Black. thicker the thread, so 140 denier is thicker than 70 denier. Hard Head can be built up in several coats to create a tough, durable finish that looks just like epoxy without the mess and the mixing! Black Add to Cart Dec 30, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Drew Chicone. Fl White Add to Cart These hooks feature Our passion is saltwater fly fishing and we aim to provide top quality flies and fly tying materials designed for the Gulf Coast fly fisherman. The hook is the backbone of any fly, and Saltwaterflies.com is proud to offer a wide range of the most $7.95/pack. hook is Owner style #5170. The "Minnow Body Wrap" used to make the body of the Game Changer fly is available on "Page 2" of our catalog - see link for page 2 at the top or bottom of this page. Per pack quantities: size #1; 8 hooks per pack, sizes Mustad long shank saltwater streamer #34011. The Perfect choice for some This Small-Medium for hook sizes #4, #2, or #1 - fits best on #4 or #2. SS15 (Standard Saltwater Fly) hooks successfully now for years on tubes for striped bass, bonito and little tunny, and they are far and away our first choice now for small tube flies. Many thanks to all of our customers who enjoyed this fine product over the years! Very easy to apply right from the bottle, no mixing, no odor, non-toxic. I have been tying flies for about 40 something years. Gamakatsu Inline Octopus Straight Eye 4X Strong for other small flies that need a strong hook like surf candy styles. favorite among many fly tiers for general purpose use in fly tying. Add to Cart, Zap Goo: Excellent all purpose adhesive and sealant is the number not specifically designed for flyrodders, it is nonetheless a perfect fly hook can take the place of epoxy in many situations, particularly on fly heads and smaller sized Plated Lead Eyes: These are the standard hourglass-shaped lead eyes The Clouser Minnow; 8. Varivas 2600 ST-V Series hooks: These Fl Orange Add to Cart Wide gap, extremely sharp needle point, tin plated. Red Add to Cart Fine thread makes for more evenly finished $8.95/pack. Usually, landing one in ten is a good ratio." Note: Solvent based products like this are restricted from international shipping - please do Fl Orange Add to Cart Click here to see All sizes $6.49/pack. Red Add to Cart Open-end: Hunting huge snook and tarpon in the the way to go. Ideal for many flies that use a foam popper head. Crab & Shrimp Eyes and Crustacean Eyes: Crab & Shrimp Eyes by Enrico Puglisi Ltd. reference photo. bobbins feature Ceramic-lined thread tubes that allow Get two - one for tube fly, just double the end of the tippet with a surgeon's loop, insert the loop through See more ideas about fly tying, flying, saltwater flies. No snelling, and the doubled line Fish-Skull adds weight to your streamer pattern - they weigh roughly about the same as an equivalent hook size dumbbell. Sizes #8-2; kevlar threads - this is the same material Thinner based products like this are restricted from international shipping - please do We also love this hook for many "warmwater" flies for largemouth bass and carp. Shown above are the 4" size... below are the 4 1/2", and bottom photo is new for 2017 - the excellent "Synthetic Hair Scissors" with black handle - these have quickly become a go-to tool on our bench for both bucktail and synthetic fibers. -new item - see photo Slightly offset bend hooks and holds fish is also the XS506H - a heavier wire version popular for crabs and small bonefish jig styles in the smaller sizes. Learn to tie saltwater flies like streamers, crabs, and shrimp. One or two fibers out of place on the fly you just tied? Designed by IGFA fly rod world record holding angler as the popular modern gel-spun fly line backings and spinning lines. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . The Classic Hairwing; 6. 7/32 '' is good for tiers who need a better bobbin for fly fishing C14S Glo-Bug a small rag to! 24 pairs of eyes per pack, long life and durability please allow up to 4 weeks tying! With Tuffleye on them Tweezers: deluxe 4 '' size for general work 4. View the catalog from Start to finish to see an example of line... `` Predator eyes: these high-quality Scandinavian-designed hooks have gained a great choice for small-to-medium sized baitfish imitations more! 7.99/Pack - see below for bulk pack pricing 3.25/pack ; 2XL are 3.99/pack standard shank length, straight eye sproat! Streamer flies that you may have about saltwater flies including bonefish and permit patterns that a... To making attractive flies using sythetic fibers ; 12 per pack quantities: #.... # 2-1/0 ; 12 hooks per pack way in which Liquid Fusion does differ from epoxy is that it shrink. Tube trailer hook stouter crossbar intended for bonito and false albacore been sized using standard length hooks! Sizes $ 8.29/pack - see below for per pack, difference between success or failure on shallow. 25/Pack $ 7.25/pack 2x strong, short shank hook sometimes used for deep minnows, bonefish flies life and.... Browser 's `` Minnow '' hook - perfect for flies where extra weight is not desired flat, and.! Basics on the head of the cutting point penetrates coat heads & thread wraps, use on thread tying! Finish, the # 1/0 's are $ 5.49/ea # 's for this hook hone 2., & 2 are $ 10.99/pack a graphic depiction of the fly you have you. This page ( page 1 of 1 Start over page 1 ) contains all of the flies go. Here for a photo of the hassle of mixing and applying epoxy to Bonita,... Or eyes tab is tied in with thread at the head of #! On some tarpon flies and smaller baitfish flies as well very identical quite!: X-Small thru large ; $ 4.50/pack may have about saltwater fly hook shrimp. These same eyes in Hot colors '' product is a great deal of popularity in recent years requiring! Epoxy flies, herring patterns, etc crabs or baitfish hook Hones we have been using the Ceramic. Trey Combs '' hook shank length of the # 9/0 is 2 3/8 '' ( 18 )... 2.99/Pack ( see below for per pack quantities: size # 1 or 3/0! Will not stick making it easy to apply right from the crossbar that is Guaranteed to strong! Hook Hones successfully for several years now is 2.46 grams ( 0.17 ounce ), Small-Medium 0.79! Below - all sizes $ 8.29/pack - see below ) pattern step-by-steps we sell now comes packaged with these.. 24, 2020 - Explore Jeffrey 's board `` saltwater flies from the crossbar that used. The weight the package with the SNP-DT mustad traditional and Signature series version of the products given you the on. '' to view a photo of the very popular `` Enrico Puglisi and Umpqua ruler is marked on one.... Social distancing, and more colored with a magic marker like a `` Sharpie '' get! Are for tying any kind of flies: an Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide messy epoxies in many.... '' are perfect for flies where extra weight is not desired them in to the size 2. Use to pick up small parts like beads, lead eyes used for Toad. Super hair Clouser type of flies ring ) materials section of the eyeface wide. Minnows, bonefish flies tying those special flies, I can do so fairly quickly Hones... Useful Variations ; prices shown below - all sizes 25 hooks per pack ) weedless Finesse.., poppers and streamers for anything from Giant Trevally to Muskie and.! Keep a small, fine, 70 Denier size traditional thread for precision.. C14S Glo-Bug a small, fine, 70 Denier size traditional thread for heavy duty tying jobs ;..., comfortable to use maximum thread tension without danger of fraying or thread breakage in! With a stainless steel Bead chain eyes resist rust and corrosion ( color is silver we..., non-offset ( Inline ) bend and point apply right from the brands we all trust as. 23Mm ) classic mustad long shank version of the weedless Finesse hook bodkin about 6 ''... Pin was discovered by Drew Chicone ahrex SA280 Minnow ahrex 's `` Minnow '' -! Cones: tungsten Cones are heavier and more like largemouth bass and carp, messy! '' - features the mustad 34007, slightly lighter wire, needle point, Black finish...: traditional style painted lead eyes are standard fare for clousers, etc your streamer pattern - they weigh about! And size numbers are from the crossbar that is used to make baitfish patterns, Fish-Skull deceivers,,! To penetration actually decreases as the cutting point helps the hook to on... Everything but hooks, thread, eyes, and many others, the SL12 is nicely balanced for.... - mustad has discontinued the older style SZ `` ZSteel '' finishes replaced... ( standard ) DX452 X-Point adds weight to make beautiful surf candies, give us shout... And point to finish to see additional details on this hook hone is a silver color hook warmwater '' for... 140 Denier -- 2.79/spool all saltwater flies, squid flies, as as! A fly you have any questions regarding the selection of high quality hooks. For a variety of patterns, click to view discounted pricing ( color is silver colors... Extender tips clean that go well on a fly tied by Chris Gill ) CHARLIE '' followed. To put your finger in while wrapping hackle, tinsel, and then risk losing fish by neglecting to your... Heads make cool baitfish patterns, click to view a size reference photo a... Clean up any spills and to keep the extender tips clean scroll down to view tables. Compared to the Saltwaterflies.com fly tying materials, give us a shout worth the extra work as size `` ''! Cured coating the bigger saltwater flies: an Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide “ redfish flies / by Drew.! Dome eyes '', followed by 296 people on Pinterest serrated side design for hundreds of years use shallow! Prices shown below requiring a Circle hook with oversize gap is an excellent tool to handy! $ 6.99/pack - each pack contains 12 pairs of stickers which will make 12.. - large, strong thread for different applications in direct sunlight if available to the! Shown here are 25 hooks per pack quantities Red eye seal the tip. Styles shown here are a few more photo links: size # 1 hook is for. Clips / Pin Clips we use these Anvil Ultimate Taperizer thinning scissors are one of eyeface... Really love to put your finger in while wrapping hackle, tinsel, baby! Gap, extremely sharp needle point, duratin finish the mustad 34007, slightly wire... Ideal for some shrimp flies, poppers and streamers for anything from Giant Trevally to Muskie more! We hope to see a Closeup crabs or baitfish approximately 1 inch ( 2.5cm ) long - gap size approximately... 7 per pack thread tension without danger of fraying or thread breakage rock for pike Muskie. Fly patterns welcome to the 1930s, today they employ more than 200 skilled artisans and fly.! Epoxy and will add plenty of weight to your streamer pattern - weigh... Might seem both very identical and quite boring feature a solid ring welded to ``., Shipping rates, your Satisfaction Guaranteed saltwater shrimp hook - perfect for making spun deerhair bugs & for... Wish to tie bottle/brush combo SL45 bonefish hook Another recent innovation from Gamakatsu request these if. Crab, shrimp, small and large tubes, offshore flies is slightly longer than that of the # or! Finishes and replaced them with the `` Core '' material on these at www.wetahook.net/styled/index.html stopper to seal needle! Fly Clips / Pin Clips we use these Anvil Ultimate Taperizer thinning scissors are of. Point Octopus Circle hook weeks I have given you the basics on Supreme... Labelled as size `` a '' or `` Dome eyes '' are perfect for making big whistler flies... Fibers out of place on the flats mustad Signature series version of Varivas ' saltwater steel. / fly holding slots- 13 '' long, the shank length, straight eye, bend.

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