Concert crazy

I have decided to try and go see more shows in the city. I am usually pretty passive about seeing shows, I guess 'cause I'm always trying to judge whether the show would be worth the ticket price. But after missing a few crucial shows and/or being late on purchasing tickets, I'm trying to resist the impulse of factoring price of the ticket and being late on purchasing tickets. I've seen good shows and bad shows, but I don't ever regret going to see a show. Especially from a musician's perspective, there is loads to learn about how to put on a good show (and how to avoid a bad show).

One of the first concerts I ever saw was probably Aerosmith, I think with Mike's family (they had an extra ticket). Boy was that weird. My ears howled after that arena rocker. Probably one of the worst shows I've seen (and that's not just cause of the beer splashing and punching between fans). But I learned a valuable lesson: Never try to deal with the logistics of inflated props on stage. A half inflated devil float just doesn't work.

How to Send a Prank Text Message

Note: The following is idiotic.

Step 1 : Go through your cell phone and find people that you haven't talked to in years. The longer it has been the better. Enemies will work too.

Step 2: Send them a text message.

  • LOOK BEHIND YOU (the paranoid message)
  • Season's greetings from Uncle Leroy (the personal message)
  • Mazal Tov! (the religious message)
  • Beware El Pollo Loco (the nonsense message)
  • From farsheed is pooping (the web 2.0 message)

This is just too good.

Thanks to Ben's blog, I find out about gems like these.

The spammers are getting smarter..............................

As if the robo-spammers weren't bad enough, now the spammers are trying to trick me with compliments and flattery.

Not even kidding, a spammer posted "I like Warm Cold" but their homepage was or some crap like that. It almost makes me not mind when they posted long lists of various pharmaceutical products related to male enhancement. Please, if you are a spammer, don't toy with my heart.

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Planet B-Boy Documentary

Brought to you by D-Lo's cousin, probably not coming to a theater near you unless you create the demand. B-Boy's of the world...........UNITE!

Migrating Taste

I almost forgot to mention! Dave Segal has started an amazing music blog called Migrating Taste. I have had the great fortune over the years to learn about so much great music from's rare to find someone as passionate about music as this kid is, who is constantly finding and learning about new music. So don't sleep on it! Check it out at

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Internet Radio faces deadly legislation

There is some pretty nasty legislation up that will destroy internet radio, or other internet services that require similar licenses (Pandora falls under this). These laws essentially give complete control to the license holder to charge outrageous fees to play their songs, while letting them control which songs can be played for free. This means shitty music gets played more often.

SomaFM, a popular internet radio station, explains:

"The Copyright Royalty Board has announced new copyright licensing fees for internet radio stations. The new fees are a staggering increase over our previous annual royalty rate of about $22,000 to over $600,000 for 2006. And the fees are even higher in 2007, based on our current listenership, they'll be over $1 million dollars for 2007! (Which is 3-4 times what we hope to raise in 2007). If you think this is unfair to internet radio, and you are an American citizen, you can send a letter to your congressman showing your support for internet radio. We already have the attention of Congress, so now you have to let them know you support internet radio and that royalty rates shouldn't be structured in a way that will put small webcasters out of business."

Email your congressmen quickly here, just enter in your zipcode and fill out the email webform. I didn't know about, seems like a pretty quick way to shoot out a message.

Sample text to send them.

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Do places have smells?

I think they do. Take for instance, a NYC subway stop after it has rained. Or the Atlantic Ocean vs. the Pacific Ocean. Or prairie grass in the summertime.

What's weird to me about smells is that (for me at least) it depends so much on our other senses. Smelling the same flower when it is -20 below and when it is 80 degrees doesn't feel the same. Or at night time certain smells seem more intense since my nose works harder.

Am I talking crazy here?

Handjob Ringtones

"I wanted to let you all know that this is the last weekend to see HANDJOB at Space 1026 in Philadelphia. For this show, artists were asked to replicate machine-made items by hand. I recreated common mobile phone ringtones by recording myself performing the sounds, even though I don't have vocal training or beatboxing experience. I also enlisted the help of other folks including people at the opening for the show earlier this month. Even if you can't make it to Philly, you can get my project on-line.


The sounds represent some popular models and carriers like the Motorola RAZR with Verizon, Samsung LG, and those Nokia block phones everyone had for a while. So go ahead, replace your electronic bleeps with analog versions! If you can't download these ringtones because you don't have internet on your phone, contact me for MP3s that you can transfer to your phone using USB or Bluetooth.

Here's a word from our sponsor:
"I wanted to think about when 'handmade' objects are better, and when they are actually nonfunctional and just difficult to use," says artist Courtney Dailey, who is coordinating the exhibit. "To question how we valorize handmade items as special/precious/more valuable and often have disdain for mass-produced ones."

More later,

Happy Norooz (Aide Shoma Mobarack!)

Yesterday evening was the start of the Persian New Year, Norooz. It's basically the best holiday ever. You get to grow wheat and put out bowls of vinegar and garlic and get some goldfish and jump over fires and have a picnic. It's a celebration of life, rebirth, of spring, of things changing and becoming new again.

Here are some of the traditional things to do:

Ye Olde Wikipedia with more details: