Blindsided and RollerSkated

At approximately 1:31 AM on Saturday, January 13, 2007 I was driving northbound on Austin Avenue. Halfway through the intersection I was blindsided by a car that ran the red light. He was going eastbound on Grand Avenue. All I saw out of my left side was a glimpse of a white car before it rammed into the backside of my car and caused me to spin out. I immediately slammed on the brakes and was able to regain control and come to a stop just north of the intersection.

I got out of my car and glanced at the back of my car, and it looked like my car had gotten into a bad bar fight. Its eyeball lights were all popped out of its eyesockets and its smile was slanted, with half of the bumper dragging on the ground. You could see the chassis of the car from the back, the bumper and backside were completely gone.

I go to look for the guy and there is NOBODY at the intersection. The mysterious white car ran off, leaving just a trail of debris in the intersection. That pissed me off. The two cars behind me that witnessed the whole thing didn't stop at all, not even to see if I was alright. They just drove by me. That really pissed me off, especially since it was a hit and run and they could have possibly identified the car.

I called the cops to report a hit and run at approximately 1:33 AM. I saw two cops drive by me afterwards but waited until about 2:00 AM. I called the police and they said that someone was coming. I saw another cop drive by but they didn't stop. A man across the street came over to ask what happened and asked if I had a cigarette. I was about to call again around 2:30 but finally some cops showed up. They were some rookie cops I think, about my age. Of course they didn't get out of their nice toasty car but had me come over to their window so I could hand them my info to fill out the paperwork while standing in the cold sleet/rain.

I think it's kind of messed up that

1) the guy who hit me ran off.
2) the two cars behind me didn't stop to see if I was alright or to say if they could provide any information about the car.
3) it took an hour for the police to come.

I went back into the intersection to see the wreckage and parts of my car were everywhere. I noted that part of my bumper was about 30-35 paces away. Estimating one pace is about two feet, that would mean my bumper flew 70 feet after getting hit. Assuming my bumper is about a 1.5 feet of the ground and that gravity is 32 ft/s^2 then it took about .306 seconds to fly 70 feet, although it probably landed first and then rolled.

In the end I'm glad nobody got hurt and that the accident wasn't too bad. I mainly feel bad for my car since he just got crossed the 200,000 mile mark last week. It's been a rough year for him, poor guy. Dave and Lisa's adventure (The Shenegals go to Shaumburg) also involved some major car problems (like the brakes not working while driving on the highway!)...bleh. Maybe it's a sign that we should have all realized long ago that rollerskating is the future of human transportation and start learning now before the oil shortage forces us all to roller derby our way around town.

i would drive 199,997 miles

My car is about to hit that oh-so-magical 200,000 mile mark. Oh the times we've had!!

Welcome to the '07

Happy new year! '07 will be a good one I can feel it. The number is divisible by three as Doruk has pointed out. I'm here in NYC with Doruk, Aaron, Asif, Dave, Ben, Maya, Marjorie, and friends. We had a fun time celebrating new years although a few of us snoozed before the new year struck. So far since I've been here I've gotten lost in the lower east side, eaten amazing pizza, and had some vicious Wii and Blokus battles. It's really nice to see everyone and it's also really nice to take a break from the 24/7 eyestrain that a computer job gives you. Today aaron made his cheez-it chicken and dave, maya, and i saw Pan's Labrynth, which is one of the freakiest and darkest fairy tale movies you'll ever see. The sound in the movie was amazing though!! Who knew squeaky leather and squeaky boots could sound so good? I mean it's the type of thing where the slightest brush of hair sounds like it's being amplified 1000x times. Hyper-real, or some other such nonsensical word.

Anyhow, I have some audio/music things that people have sent my way that you might like:
New York Times article about your brain on music

Make music from noise...(but is it good?)

Lasse Gjertsen: Stop Motion Piano and Drums

Happy Holidays with a Salute to the Godfather of Soul

Hey all, happy holidays! Sadly though, today James Brown has passed away today at the age of 73. I don't think I have to explain the significance of J.B....his impact and influence on pop culture and music are unparalleled. Definitely one of the most important musical figures in the 20th century. Knowing him, he is probably throwing a party up in heaven and rockin' out. Thanks James, for everything.

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Ever wonder what a glacier sounds like?

Here is a fascinating website that analyzes the sounds that a glacier makes. Some other interesting audio stuff on there too.

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An Algorithm for Music

Click that link above. I dare you. Then tell me robots aren't taking over the universe. Click it! Who needs musicians anymore? Interesting little app which makes a new song out of random elements each time you click it. I think Wolfram (of fractal fame) is looking to make some $ with ring tone downloads. Not a bad idea. Don't think I'd buy a CD of this stuff just yet. But it makes you think what else they got planned...

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Frequencies NYC

Festival happening in Brooklyn Feb 2nd - March 3rd. Experimental/noise/fringe music. Jaska's brother will be performing in it.

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Kid Beyond

Drew sent me this clip of Kid Beyond. Speaks for itself, I think... (literally)

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Crates and crates and crates of records...

Dan and I at a crazy record shop in north beach in SF. Tons of records, junky musical gear and a cat that watched over the merchandise.