Mastering Mos' Album

So after 5-6 years, my friend Moses is finally releasing his debut album. Mos is an emcee from chicago/chambana. Once upon a time we lived two doors from each other in our freshman college dorm. When I sent out my first call to work with emcees in Champaign, he was one of the few people who actually responded and was interested in doing something. We've worked on a few tracks over the years and even done some live performances together. At any rate, he's been working on putting out an album for quite a while now, and today we will be sitting down to do some of the final mixing/mastering before calling it finished. Production was done by myself, Spinnerty, and various beat grabs Mos found (some more recognizable than others). Check AMS out on Myspace.

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User profiles for this site

A year ago you guys made user accounts on this site. For various reasons, it seemed silly to have that feature, so I haven't made it obvious that you can still login.

You can login here.

Here is a list of everybody that made user accounts. You can login if you want or I can delete your account so when you leave a comment there isn't a name conflict.

In Champaign again

In a series of discombobulated and surprisingly coordinated events, Spinnerty and I drove down to Champaign today. Also, the weather is amazingly nice! I realized on the highway I was speeding much faster than usual but thought I was going slower. I then realized it's because in the city when you drive slower it feels faster because the roads are so narrow and objects fly by you at a faster rate. On the wide open road, the nearest objects are farmhouses that are 500 yards away on either side, so going 90 mph still feels slow.

Anyway, if you are in the Champaign area, you should check out Spinnerty at Soma on Friday and at Boltini on Saturday night. He'll be DJing the usual blend of funkarrific jams.

I've got some things to take care down here in Champaign. I also was starting to get some strange nostalgic-like feelings for Champaign: wide open fields, lazy days, rebelling from academia, city limits that are 2 miles in each olde days.

an exciting day

Holy crap. I just listened to the end of Bush's press conference. With the Democrats taking control of the House, one seat left for the Democrats to take control of the Senate, and Rumsfield getting replaced, there is huge change happening today. I feel like this election was more important and exciting than even the previous presidential elections; I certainly felt that way on my way to the polls. Change is good, especially when an elephant is on your back. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyy hey hey hey hey!

The world may not end before 2008 after all!

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I should try to keep posting everyday.

Did you vote? I did. Two polling officers almost got into a fistfight. Two crotchety old men, yelling and cussing at each other while people were trying to decide the fate of our country.

How do you find new music?

Amongst a 100+ email thread I've been a part of the last few weeks with a group of DJs from Illinois and California, something interesting came up:

D writes:
"in some sense though i think people are havin to search harder for dope shit because media is so fragmented now. i work in the media and communication world, and with new technology people are having to fight to get people's attention because no longer is there 1 or 2 mainstream sources of information. i think before we could all look to the same sources for dope shit, but now you have 30 different hip-hop websites, 10 different blogs from sweden, and thousands of digital radio stations"

Farsheed writes:
"I actually have the opposite feeling...back in the day you had to
search harder to find shit you liked because there were only a few
media sources. But now there are so many sources for information it's
not about searching for good stuff, it's about filtering out the
noise. In some ways, it's made us lazier since so much stuff comes AT
us we may not necessarily feel like we have to go looking for it.

So while I see this wealth of new music and sources for new music as a
positive thing, I do see it fragmenting underground communities a bit.
There is less incentive to seek out like-minded people in your area
since you can just subscribe to some mailing list and connect with
like-minded people in Germany. It's dope to be able to do that but
there is something to be said for meeting people in real life and
building that way, since you meet people that may not necessarily have
the same opinions about stuff that you do (and which you may have
filtered out otherwise)."

What do you guys think?

New Picsound: Runner

Note: it is long, so it might take a while to load...


Photo Credits:
Myself (5)
Redbus photo by Drew
Cloud photo (uncredited)

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Sign this Petition!

Sign the Petition!!

To: Mr. Ben Popik (aka Mr. Poopy Pants)

Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi, owner and blogger for, has been unjustly accused and sentenced to line strikeout and elimination in the Yo La Tengo Late-Summer Weblog Challenge hosted by Ben Popik of Such an act of tyrannical elimination without so much as a "hello, how are you" or such commonplace, normal social formalities only adds insult to injury. How dare Midnight Parking be eliminated from the challenge based on rumors, lies, and speculation! The real victims here are the blog reading public, those that were rooting and tooting for Midnight Parking to solidly cross that finish line with over 150 original, on-time entries. Now we may never see those entries, as no doubt the shock and sadness that will hit poor Mr. Toosi will cause him to not only never blog again, but to delete entries he has written during this challenge out of spite and anger. It is a dangerous path we tread upon, readers, that preemptive sentencing without even a trial has become commonplace in our society. If you feel as strongly as we do please sign this petition and it will be presented to Mr. Popik in all his tyrannical glory to show that the public disagrees with his unjust actions. Hopefully we can reach 1,000,000 signatures by the end of next week. Forward this to anyone you think believes as strongly in this as we do.

Man, Guitar center is creepy.

"WE GOT IT!!!"