I've been searching for the perfect bike for several months. Short frame, lightweight, simple gear shifts, bullhorn handles, with a rack. I had actually found this exact bike a while back but it was at a used shop and while I went to the ATM to get some cash, another customer snagged it. So, the search continues...too bad I have that other bike burned in my memory though. Every other bike looks pale in comparison. If you live in Chicago and know of such a bike for sale, send me a message!

new music

New Beck album out last week
New Tortoise out
New Squarepusher out Oct 13

Can you believe I just bought a used copy of the new beck album? I guess people ripped the CD and returned it. I don't really get it, since the cd even came with a bunch of stickers and a bonus DVD. Weird. Below is a puppet video beck made for some Yahoo thing.

t.v.o.t.r. and g.b.?

My sis is visitin and we are havin fun wandering around chicago, even if we aren't really getting much "done" on the projects we were supposed to work on. May go to the tv on the radio + grizzly bear show tonight!

Drive Thru Marketing

Google, YouTube.

So, Google is talking with YouTube, and they may end up merging. There is great $$$ in centralization of content...but it also seems like what makes the web cool is that it is completely decentralized. Are we reaching a critical mass where information overload immobilizes our own capacity to filter content, so we rely on centralized content filters instead? Or is it just commercialization of the net? Should we be worried about this sort of "content monopoly" or conglomeration, or will free market forces flatten this sort of monopoly if they aren't fair or just?

Lincoln Park

I can't count how many times people ask me if Linkin Park the band is from Lincoln Park, Chicago.

The Venice Project and Angry French Guy

Skype Founders' Venice Project Revealed

The founders of Skype, Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, are offering
a sneak peak into their newest venture, The Venice Project, a video
site that combines professionally produced TV and user-submitted videos
with the interactive tools of Web 2.0. So, what will Venice offer to
combat YouTube's dominance? Streaming video with DVD-like controls,
on-screen menus of preset channels, and interactive tools to share
video playlists are only the beginning. Venice's Beta will be expanded
by the middle of November, with general release by New Year's Day.

Hey wait a minute! Isn't that what open source Democracy TV is already?

From an older article:

People love to watch TV. They love professional storytelling by people who know what they are doing. And people love the Internet, because of the choice and the social qualities. We are trying to bring the best of both worlds together," Friis said.

Really interested to see what emerges from this. Bundled, packaged content distribution in an easily digestable format. The really big news here is they want to get the major production companies and TV networks onboard. This of course will keep them legit, unlike some of their competitors.

Thankfully, an open source, free alternative technology has already been around for a while, Democracy TV. I really am hoping DTV can gain some leveraging power and become a real contender for internet distribution because as a non-profit org they don't have the same commercial motives that something like the venice project will have. However, they don't have nearly the contacts or resources Skype has to break to mainstream usage at this point.

Angry French Guy says:

Big Soup Video and Walls

Hey everyone! I have uploaded a video to YouTube of Black Tie Elephant playing the song, "Pineapple Slices" at Big Soup 2.


Interesting news of late:
US border fence signed into law

President Bush in Arizona
Mr Bush signed the law in Arizona, where illegal immigration is a concern
US President George W Bush has signed a controversial bill into law that will pay for a 700-mile fence (1,125km) fence along the border with Mexico.

Griselda says: Who do you think is going to build it? ;)

Thom Bell

Yesterday on NPR there was a great interview with Thom Bell, songwriter for the Spinners, Chubby Checker, Delphonics, O Jays, and more. He helped pioneer the philly soul sound in the '70s. Anyway, according to my calculations the man is 65 years old, but on the radio he sounded as jubilant as a 30 year old. It was really cool hearing him talk about his life and what inspired him to write music. Seemed like a friendly and passionate guy. Check out his bio and give a nod his way next time you listen to some philly soul...

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco is awesome. After hearing "DayDreamin", an old school feeling track with an ella inspired vinyl hook sung by Jill Scott, and "Kick Push", a track about skateboarding, I was sold. I think also checking out his videos and seeing some skinny dude in glasses just doing his thing, I appreciated the honesty of it all. It also doesn't hurt that he's also from Chicago ;)

So check it out if you get a chance:

And another freebie for ya:

She sang on the last Ghostface album. Check out "Heartbreak".