Sleep is elusive to me. I have had issues with it as long as I can remember. Most recently I ask the question, "Why is it the longer you sleep the harder it is to wake up?"

This is assuming of course, there is no pressure to wake up. Just on a natural basis. I think part of it is that it is just naturally harder to wake up later in the day. So the longer you sleep, the later it is in the day....?

Fatal Attraction

I was going to try and figure out how much mass two people would have to have before the combined gravitational force between them would cause them to fatally crash into each other at a high velocity once they were within 100 feet of each other. Halfway through I forgot what I was trying to do.


pomegranate season is coming soon.

giant bug in the middle of germany

Oh lord.

This isn't exactly a spoiler alert, but please turn away from this item if "Saved By the Bell" held a special place in your heart as a young TV watcher.

A man claims to have a sex tape that features Screech.

Notorious celebrity smut broker David Hans Schmidt told the New York Daily News he has a sordid tape that he claims stars Dustin Diamond, who played the nerdy-but-lovable Screech.

According to, Diamond didn't confirm the existence of the tape but told a Tampa radio station: "It's very possible that tape exists. ... I've had a lot of fun with video in the past."

A reminder from my sis

Stay Free! a re-mix contest is closing this week.
Postmark your entries by September 30 for full consideration.

Your mission is to creatively reinterpret 2 songs written by
Lennon/Ono and the Stones in the early 1970s about black activist
Angela Davis through a re-mix, cut-up, cover version, video, website,
anything goes. There are no rules except that entries should respond
to the songs and their relationship to Angela Davis and her activism.
Please go to the project website
to hear the songs and learn more. A panel of judges will rate entries
for an award of $100 USD. A matching donation will be made to the
Prison Activist Resource Center in California. Entries will not be
used for commercial purposes.

Contributing to viral videos

Check this out:

Little Superstar

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And here's another one for fun:

Kid Steals Food from Taco Bell Drive Through

Terrorism vs. Nationalism

How much of the current middle east crisis is actually spawned from middle east nationalism/jingoism as opposed to radical islam? Something I heard on the radio raised a good point about this. For the most part, much of the violence and anti-west sentiment is blamed on radical muslims that are supposedly attacking israel and the west because it is part of a holy war. But it seems that behind the religious face of this conflict lies something much more tangible, something all wars have in common - the fight over land.

The Lad Squad

Birthday shout out to big sis Ladan! Happy B-Day...

Broke down.

I need to learn more about how cars work.