Broke down.

I need to learn more about how cars work.

Tornado in Chicago?

Yesterday a tornado warning rolled through downtown Chicago. It was a strange thing. My windows rattled and I kept debating whether I should go down to the basement or watch from out the window. I decided that I'd watch from the window until something broke the window. It's flawed logic, I know. But it's just so damn entertaining!


Nice Beck remix by Homelife...

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  1. Ghost Range (E-Pro) by Beck

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one acre fund, and some darker things

I just got through listening to two interesting radio programs on npr. I usually don't post such heavy things, but these really struck me.

Global Activism—Fighting Hunger in Kenya

Andrew Youn went to Kenya to intern as a business student. There he met families who only had 8 months of food per year and had lost children to hunger. He left inspired and founded the One Acre Fund to help Kenyan farmers improve their farming techniques and crop output. The organization helps subsistence farmers in Kenya improve their farming techniques and marketing.

Download this radio show:

The Myth of the Ticking Time Bomb

Torture—U.S. Government’s Past and Present Complicity
McCoy's article in the October 2006 edition of The Progressive: “The Myth of the Ticking Time Bomb

Download this radio show:

Doubly Do-little

Had some server problems yesterday...not sure what happened. The server load went through the roof.

Courtesy of Michael Just, Esq:

Is it pizza? pt. 2

Griselda and I today were walking around the city. We noticed a homeless man sitting in the cold on the sidewalk with a sign that said, "I'M JUST HUNGRY". Seeing as how we had some left over pizza, I offered the bag to him. He asked, "Is it pizza?" when I responded "yes", he shook his head and said, "No, I don't want that. Thanks anyway."

We walked away a bit puzzled. The last homeless guy we offered food also asked, "Is it pizza?" That time, we had pastries and bread. He rejected our food. This time, we actually did have pizza, and were still rejected. What are we doing wrong?

YouTube goes major

"Video-sharing site YouTube has signed a deal with media giant Warner Music to allow its material to be used legally."
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Well, after Universal's announcement that it will offer a free music download service, it seems Warner is also joining the digital dash. With three huge corporations backing large scale media/network projects (Myspace/Fox, Universal/Spiral Frog, Warner/YouTube) the old fuddyduddies running these big businesses are all coming to the same conclusion: "It seems like a lot of people are using this new fangled internet thing."

Uh. Yeah. I suppose what's suprising is that these grassroots networks, which start from the ground up by ordinary folks wanting to share their homemade content, are being sold to top down broadcast companies. Is this a bad thing? I'm not sure yet. But it does put a price on content. There is potential for YouTube to become an exclusive Warner broadcast service, with the potential of putting less importance on sharing of regular old videos.

From the above article:

"The technology would also enable Warner to review homemade videos and decide whether to approve or reject them."

Hmm..........that's somewhat alarming. It remains to be seen whether this will actually increase the quality of content on the site, or whether it'll spiral down into a million mini-reality show series. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best, but my gut reaction tells me otherwise.

Shakesploitation II: Iambic Boogaloo

Saw a play yesterday with Griselda called, "Shakesploitation" where they take shakespeare's plays and redo them as exploitation films. Hilarious. With these titles you can imagine:

Romeo and Juliet 2: Apocalypse (done as zombie movie)
Grand Theft Othello
Ninja Hamlet: Burning Fists of Denmark

Shakesploitation 2: Iambic Boogaloo
Richard the 13th (done as scary movie)
Taming of the Screw (done in cheesy porn style)
Romeo and Juliet: Trapped in the Closet (done as R. Kelly Hip hopera)

stuff i forgot to mention

Olde English goes major!

Congrats. You guys earned it. Here's to success...

powell randolph

My first drum teacher, Powell Randolph...rockstar extraordinare! Click the pic for his myspace page.