Mutant music v2?

One of the things I think is fun to do with the internet is something I've called, "mutant music". Basically the idea is there is a group of people who are interested in remix/collaborating on some music. One person (or many people) submit initial ideas to the group, so that other group members can take those fragments or ideas and turn them into another idea. The ideas keep mutating and developing until the group creates a monster. It's a nice way to introduce half-finished, fragmented, or abandoned ideas to a larger, collective conciousness that may take it in many, many directions. I think it's kinda fun.

A while back I had a little test version of mutant music up, but I'm planning on launching something a bit more polished as a separate site sometime in the future. Details will follow...

"Oh boo hoo for me, I didn't get my bagel this morning"

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Hope to get one soon.


I just got back from the Ratatat show which Dave recommended I go see. Man, that show was awesome. I was really impressed how they kept things moving and so energetic, considering the band was a 3 piece, with one of the members playing synthesized beats/keys, the other guitar, and the other bass guitar. Also, the music was completely instrumental, and they hardly ever talked to the audience. They did have a projector to keep things visually interesting, and this amazing flash strobe thing which would periodically send a blast of magnesium white light everywhere (kinda looked like an explosion). I think part of the reason the show was captivating was that the sound they had was really rich. The beats were *highly* polished, and the organ/lead would sometimes bring back waves of 8-bit nostalgia as it sounded so similar to early nintendo music, but then the guitar and bass would provide some grit to even out the sound and make it just dirty enough to rock. Harmonically they rely on some medieval era 5th and 4th intervals which give the illusion of "bigness" and "power" (and 80s metal double guitar lead lines). Anyway, enough jabber. I'm attaching a track so you can judge for yourself.

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  1. Lex by Ratatat

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A remix for you

Last spring Griselda had to student teach in chicago. For one of her classes she had the students write and perform little radio skits which she recorded with her computer. When she asked me to take the files and clean up the sound quality, I joked that maybe I should remix one of the skits...

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I need a buzzer.

So tonight Mike and Kristin came to visit. It seems that everytime somebody comes to visit (ok so it's only the second visit I've had) somethin bizzaro happens. Griselda and I had just ordered a pizza and were waiting for it. After M + K came the doorbell rang and the van honked outside so I ran down to pay for the pizza. After getting the pizza, I realized the order was completely wrong (olives, bleh) and I had accidentally paid the driver 45 bucks! I also found out that the doorbell to my apartment also rings the apartment below me. So that's annoying to think that everytime somebody comes to see me, the people below me get buzzed too. (how does that kind of wiring happen anyway?)

Good thing we had ordered from the reputable Giordano's - they gave us another pizza and my $20 bucks back.

It's dark downstairs - gotta get some light down there so I don't overpay again. And gotta fix that buzzer. Ok gotta post before it's too late...!

Back to Basics

One thing I like about traveling is thinking about what I'll do when I get to my destination. It's back to Chicago after a nice sabbatical in ye ol' v.a. Nothing like zero's subs, seagulls, sand, bike rides, and cool ocean breezes to recharge the batteries...time to tackle the windy city with renewed vigor!

Danger Mouse, Banksy, Paris Hilton Prank

"Over the weekend, British papers discovered that Banksy, the artist who notoriously sneaked fake versions of famous paintings into art galleries last year, replaced as many as 500 retail store copies of Paris Hilton's debut CD with a retouched and remixed version. Now, it has been revealed that Danger Mouse -- the producer behind Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz, and the famous Grey Album -- is behind the remix portion of the disc."

Ever wonder how long the delay in Skype is?

Drew and I tested it out a while ago. I played a beat through my computer, sent it through skype, he heard it, attempted to talk in sync with it, and it was sent back to me, where I recorded his voice over the original beat I sent. Click the play button below to listen to a sample of him trying to sync up to the beat.

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