Hello, from Brooklyn. NEW PICSOUNDS ARE UP!!!

I'm sitting here in Dave, Ben and Asif's apartment and rediscovering this city once again. Like I've said before, there is something that just feels right about the place. I made my yearly pilgrimage to Joe's pizza off Bleecker Street (the original fools!) and I think a wave of nostalgia hit me as I was taken back to the Summer of 2003, also known as Probably the Best Summer Ever, when I lived in a 3' x 3' corner of my sister's apartment and made the 45 minute trek each day on the Q train to the penthouse suite of the Steinway building up on 57th street. The spot was Nola Recording Studios, a somewhat hidden but legendary recording studio where such greats as John Coltrane and Milt Jackson once recorded, and of course most of Sesame Street. That spot should be converted into a fucking historical landmark. There I listened to the endearing bullshit dished out routinely by Bill Moss, Jim Czak, and John Post.

Black Tie Elephant Video, new computer

Heya, people. I'm graduating this week (assuming I pass all my classes) and it feels pretty weird. Rather than get all nostalgic and sappy on you, here's a clip from Big Soup 2:

Pineapple Slices
Black Tie Elephant (B. Finucane, F. Toosi, R. Barua)
Featuring Drums, Bass, Cello, Typewriter, Keyboard
Click to download/watch (wmv)

Doritos Flavor Nugget DIY Secret Recipe Rare Weird Gift

Christmas time is here! Listen to a christmas song by mike just (my roomate) and p. frank.

Also mike is ebaying a delicious dorito flavor nugget on ebay! You should bid:
AMAZING! Doritos Flavor Nugget.

This 'nugget' seems to be an aggregation of the secret spices that Frito-lay uses to flavor their Guacamole style Doritos. It is approximately 5 cm long by about 2 cm wide. I found it in a bag of Guacamole Doritos while I was minding my own business. I have stored it in a climate controlled setting since I removed it from the bag.

This would be a great gift for someone who has everything. Who has a Doritos' Flavor Nugget? Not too many people, if any besides me, and you could be the lucky new owner.

Want to practice your food chemistry skills? Unlock the secret spice recipe from this flavor nugget. (for personal-use only, not for resale or to divulge trade secrets)

Bet your friend to eat it! Amazing, the flavor nugget will not disappoint. (Don't eat it if it will make you sick)

Perhaps the flavor nugget holds special powers to cast away unwanted anythings!

Maybe it is really salty !

Tired of traditional margarita salt, rub this on your rim!

use it as sidewalk chalk!




I have no idea what the flavor nugget is made from specifically (obviously, Dorito goodness) , I'll tell you all I know.

the final stretch

Thanks to everyone who made Big Soup 2 a success!! I'm busy finishing up school and "studying" for exams (ok ok I'm procrastinating right now)...

The next few months will be kinda crazy as I try and launch 30 new projects. Just kidding. But I got some new ideas, and I'll be trying to figure out the best way to make them happen...I'll try and post new happenings on here, but as you all know I'm pretty irregular about updates, hehe. What I really need to do is post kaveh's picsounds (lord have mercy I need to update that page).

Interesting links:

Echo Chamber Collaborative Film Making

100$ laptops, a laptop for every child




* SATURDAY, DEC 3rd @ 9 PM

* Located at Civitas

* 112 West Main St, Downtown Urbana

* (across from Crane Alley Pub)



* Orange Drink!

* Black Tie Elephant!

* Kevin/Jason!

* LiMBS, A.MOS, Aliteration!

* super secret special guests!


* come lounge with us, eat some veg food,

* listen to some music, or learn more about br>
* the art of fisticuffs



"Big Soup" is a showcasing of independent music from
underground Illinois bands, hailing from Peoria and Chicago as
well as Urbana-Champaign. The first Big Soup was a mushy,
delicious concoction of eclectic music and featured acts that
spanned the gamut from experimental folk-rock to punk-rock to
electronic doo-wop. "Big Soup 2: Bigger, Soupier" aims to
promote the same musical diversity and open-mindedness as the
first. So come on through if you are into music, food, art,
screaming, lounging, four-square and nintendo!

ATTIRE: Helmets or sweaters recommended

If we can get a projector, we may end up watching a movie afterwards as well, maybe ordering some slices. Who knows?? The art of lounging demands very little planning. Swing on by and chill.

Hope you guys can make it!


Podcasting and more

The world is catching up to the idea of RSS feeds. Apple just released it's new iPod which has support for video, and the idea of "videocasting" or "vlogcasting" is being supported. However, it's come to my attention that perhaps many don't understand this new trend in technology. Here are some FAQ:

1) What is an RSS feed?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds allows websites, computers and other devices to transmit information across the internet in a standardized fashion. You don't usually read RSS feeds directly. This is what a raw RSS feed looks like. Pretty boring.

I wonder

Lately I've been wondering what drives people to do certain things. I recently read this quote from Einstein, tipped off by Pinan:

' I maintain that the cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research. Only those who realize the immense efforts and, above all, the devotion without which pioneer work in theoretical science cannot be achieved, are able to grasp the strength of the emotion out of which alone such work, remote as it is from the immediate realities of life, can issue. What a deep conviction of the rationality of the universe and what a yearning to understand, Kepler and Newton must have had, to enable them to spend years of solitary labor in disentangling the principles of celestial mechanics! Those whose acquaintance with scientific research is derived chiefly from its practical results easily develop a completely false notion of the mentality of the men who, surrounded by a skeptical world, have shown the way to kindred spirits scattered wide through the world and through the centuries. Only one who has devoted his life to similar ends can have a vivid realization of what has inspired these men and given them the strength to remain true to their purpose in spite of countless failures. It is cosmic religious feeling that gives a man such strength.'

some updates from down under

what the dilly pants? peep the updates:

  1. added tracks from "makeshift drifters", and a select box for listening to albums.
  2. added a FEED ME link at the top which feeds in blogs of my friends, music, photo blogs of other people, as well as news and other interesting feeds I find.
  3. FINALLY got my ass in gear and uploaded some photos to flickr. Flickr is a really cool picture hosting website. Zacker got me a free account over the summer, but I haven't had a chance to use it. Check out my photos (currently of a graffiti festival I saw in SF)

trying to attain...

Often I tear down my old site only to put up another one. Then a few months later I'll do the same thing. I think the reason is because I'm learning how to do new things as I go along and so a few months down the road the previous design seems really really outdated. Also I think I have this penultimate vision of what a website can be and until I can get I will constantly keep re-inventing. This time around, I'm trying to come up with a template that can be used by both aaron and spinnerty. We all have pretty similar needs which is basically 1) broadcast music 2)make it easy for people to contact us or buy stuff and 3) make it easy to post news/journal entries. Also it'd be nice to post photos and videos, which I'm trying to setup as well.