wow...under construction

Wow, everything on my site is broken. Half the links at the top go to blank pages, and frankly the sparse design leaves a little too much to the imagination. It's like visiting some broke website from 1996 or something. Back in the day, when a site was messed up, they'd slap a couple of these on there:

hey guys

Hey I'm back in Illinois in full force. It feels really weird to be back in school. I dunno, I guess it's just kinda weird cause I feel like I should just be doing music and webstuff full time, getting ready for all sorts of changes come january. Having this third entity, "school", really crowds my style. The courses I'm taking this last semester are the ones I put off in lieu of audio and music classes. I think I can say I took every music or audio class I wanted to from this school. What is left is simply the classes needed to finish my major. They aren't super boring or super interesting classes, but more or less nagging neighbors.
Wow, this must be exciting to read about!

I saw the Headlights open for the Headphones a few weeks ago. Pretty decent band, I didn't realize they were local (headlights). Next week seeing Sufjan Stevens, should be hot. Although zack and jamie said he was just ok in SF.

The Taciturns are thinking about getting re-united. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you will (i think). Anyhow, I'm also toying the idea of doing a solo act around town. It'll be half music, half cooking show. I'm looking for a good name for the show...something like:
"Cooking with...[fill in the blank]"

That's all to report for now. Please donate some money to the red cross or united way or similar organization and support the relief effort for New Orleans and Mississippi. This past week has been a heart breaking one, and we should all try to help out as much as possible.

Life in wine country

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay between updates. I've been getting my hands dirty trying to get up and running. Here is a section from the about page:

DrupalART is a site dedicated to helping people build and develop Drupal sites for artists and musicians. The goals are to show (through examples) various ways Drupal can be used to build artist websites, and build documentation aimed at newbies trying to use Drupal for their art or music website.

Blah blah blah. Here are some more helpful links:

Anyway the overall idea is try to get some discussions going about how the internet can help artists and musicians make their lives easier. If you think you'd like to be a part of the discussion, please sign up for the mailing list.

In other news, aaron and i (with drew randomly logging offline) started meeting online to do remix work. last night we tried to work on stuff and the idea was to create "the best 8 bars" of a beat or noise or whatever. instead of uploading files directly over AIM, we tried to do it through midnightparking. You can listen to the results here.

been playing lots of guitar these days. thinking about recording a mini-ep for the summer, maybe like 5 songs, mostly guitar and voice based. nothing for sale, but just something for free i can post online and distribute by hand to people i know.

also asif has really been re-kindling my interest in picsounds, which sort of died off after he rocked the crap out of every picsound i had done with his vidsound. basically made me realize that the quality of picsounds really needs to go up or i need to rethink what they are about. p.s. (kaveh where is your text-sound?)

Past two weeks I hung out with griselda, saw the pacific ocean from an amazing cliff view, visited a redwood tree forest, and went to Napa vineyards (where the weather was amazingly hot. so hot it felt like a puffy cloud of warm goodness. although everyone else kept complaining ;) )

anyway i've been jabbering on too long here. tomorrow spin and i are gonna check out some hiphop action downtown.

a crazy week

Don't ask me why, but after a long lull it always seems like there has to be a crazy week of intensity to make up for it. I've been working with Nica, the graphic designer for MFA on youth movement records new website, and also have been doing some artist website jenkity for CSL. Besides webstuff, more acoustic guitar practicing. Jaime was kind enough to let me borrow her guitar (Joseph) for the summer. It's a black Ibanez. I've written some songs but I need some sort of way to organize them together. Anybody have any ideas? I basically just want to write a bunch of songs and release it. But I don't want to go the CD route. What are alternative ways to distribute music as a packaged bundle instead of selling a CD? Online players? Online downloads? Tacking CDs to public walls (graffiti style)? Help! I have no faith in the record industry! ;)

Also the guys from CCmixter ripped off my idea for mutant music. j/k. but really. check it out. it's awesome.

sick francisco part 2

sick again...don't know what it was but over the past weekend i started gettin the exact same symptoms and what feels like the same thing as before. damn this SF weather! yes it is 60 during the day, but it's a chilly 40ish at night. i'm perpetually unprepared. bought a used 4 track, selling the old one. the old one had some other major problems, like a malfunctioning power switch...considering when i received it from my sis in 7th grade (wow, i really think it was around 7th/8th grade) and it was already used at the time, and considering how much i used it, i'm amazed it made it this far. RIP tascam 424. hello 424mkII. you might wonder why i choose to record on old analog stuff. it is not at all for the fidelity (i'm not an analog elitist); i think it is more nostalgic than anything else. there is something different about sitting on your bed with a four-track and an acoustic guitar. it just feels like there is less crap to deal with - easier to get straight to business. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatever. might see batman tomorrow.
hey so what are some good art websites? leave some links in the comments.

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

So some strange happenings over the past week. Neil managed to electrocute himself while we were hanging out in Zack's place. He got up, walked around a bit, said he was fine and that this had happened before, then proceeded to faint and fall head first into the recycling bin. Probably the thought of being electrocuted with 110/220 volts made him a bit weak in the knees. He definitely had an entrance wound on his right hand and an exit wound on his left hand, which means it went through his torso (ouch). Needless to say, we took him to the hospital to get checked out - unfortunately it was around 2 am and all the crazy ER victims were coming through. One guy just kept yelling as loud as he could for no reason, and actually started thrashing around at one point. Two guys had come in after being hit over the head with a blunt object for no reason while they were walking down the street. Another woman was severely bleeding from a gunshot wound to the head. Yikes.

Say, if you are a musician and you have a website, care to tell me about it? You know, what your site is, why you put it up, and maybe a few reasons why its useful and a couple things that might annoy you about it.

Four-track is still broken. Bought an mbira at the flea market today. Oh, the sweet sounds of an mbira....

Hi Y'all.

Another weekly update to keep you in the know. My four-track is completely broken, so I'm looking in to get a really cheap used one off of craiglist or something. Wrote some songs over the past week for guitar, I hope I can record them soon.

Work is going well, much harder than I anticipated but gaining some headway. If you are wondering what I'm doing, I'm doing research work to try and figure out what are some of the major problems artists face throughout their careers. The hope is to establish some concrete information to build and develop websites that help artists solve their problems and realistically attain their visions. Obviously not everything can be fixed, such as people's perceptions of artists, but at least we can hopefully empower artists to be able to make sound decisions and to build and find their own networks.

sick francisco

thanks for all your b-day wishes, everyone. lisa was nice enough to make a cake and buy some thai noodles. we sat around eating cake and ice cream and then watched life aquatic, which i of course fell asleep in the middle of (recently i've been cursed to fall asleep while watching movies, no matter how badly i want to watch the movie). but from what i saw it seemed pretty good...i think. while packing up my stuff i realized how much crap i have.

So I've made it to san francisco (this is where i'm writing from). it is much, much colder here than it's supposed to be. or at least what i thought it'd be. brendan gave me his cold (thanks b!) which has kept me occupied as i move in to my room for the summer. my music setup has changed to: guitar + sampler + 4 track. ok, so i don't have a guitar and my 4 track is broken, but i'm working on it. meanwhile, i'm excited to start helping out youth movement records soon. i think the first order of business will be making a webappy thing that aids in online music collaboration, kinda like mutant music. what the bullpoop am i doing on here? i've got to go eat some pizza. byes