The days don't go slow enough

It's another late night. I don't know why or even how I stay up this late, so consistently. Busy packing and figuring out what's going on before I move to San Francisco for the summer. Finishing up the audiozine stuff.

Oh! If you want to get a *free* copy of the green street records CD, "Playlisted" which features my track, Keep your Raincheck, it's available at Parasol Records. And while you are there, might as well pick up another copy of Turnstyles for (Self-promotion is way lame.)

I really wish I was touring right now. Go see Eric Laska's band. They are on tour and it's noiiiissssy. I think I'm going to trade in my toyota for an old diesel school bus, rip out the seats, convert it to greasel, and put a mini-recording studio in there/tour equipment and hit the road, playing every little venue possible on the east coast. I'm pretty sure at least 2/3 of what I just said will come true (not too sure about the greasel school bus).


So I guess I did decide to go with a radical change of the site...! I'm trying to go back to the old days of how I used to design, where everything was kind of hacked together and not very organized. I think it feels more like home. :)

hmm...but does anybody even visit this site anymore? Maybe it's cause it lacks a real purpose...

Some updates

As you probably noticed, I updated the site, (duh). Unlike my usual updates, this one was productive because I didn't destroy my site and start over again. I tried to work with what I already had. Dammit! It still needs more pictures though! *scribbles in a notebook*

So they say podcasting is all the rage. I setup a little podcast + podcast player (more like a mini radio station) so that when people first visit they can listen to rants and noises and tracks. I think I like the idea of people getting introduced to this site through a sonic barrage of sorts, since that's the whole point (kinda). Also, if you are looking for picsounds, I put it under "other projects" link. I wanted to see how simple I could make the navigation without killing the site.

Um...............right. More pictures! everywhere! more weird flash things that blink!

things are wrappin up

Kevin and Jason have a new CD. It's good. I helped record it. They did everything else. I put some songs up on the web and a little picture of them from Big Soup. If you want to order a CD, email Hopefully there'll be a paypal button soon.

Kevin and Jason's page!

Wow, the school year is coming to an end. So many people I know are graduating or leaving; it will be strange next semester. Hopefully some of you will remember the name midnightparking and check in once in a while, and I'll try and do the same. Some of you I haven't heard from in a long time (Rick Gerrets for example...) Hope you are doing ok. I should be doing a better job with this site so that people feel more at home here. It lacks the sort of warmth I think I had before, but I'm probably just imagining things. Over the summer I'll be in san francisco hangin out with Zack and Spinnerty and Droller...we'll be tearin the place up!!! Props to Jaska for winning the most insane person of the year award. Props to Dave for winning the most bearded man of the year award. Tony wins the random comment award.

Too Busy to Breathe

Busy week. Yesterday was the CD release of Green St. Records 2nd compilation, peepity peep the track by Zirafa and Spinnerty, "Keep your Raincheck".

Black Tie Elephant played a rock em sock em quick and dirty set, complete with blue blockers, derby caps and straw hats. Congrats to Collin (BTE bassist) to getting into Berklee college of music! He will rock the pants off the jazzers there, and will be sorely missed. Brendan and I doubt we can find a suitable replacement, so we are a bit sad. But we know that, well shucks, inside each of us there is a tiny black tie elephant wih a tiny collin and a tiny brendan and a tiny drumset to play tiny jazzpunk tunes....

Seriously though, I'm glad to have met such a talented/diverse/smart/weird bassist while here at UIUC. Black Tie Elephant was the first time since high school where I felt like I was part of a solid group of musicians who cut through the bullshit to hang out and play some cool music. I only hope I'll be able to catch Collin on tour when he has joined "Insane Clown Posse" for their '09 summer reunion tour. Haha, I'm trying to imagine that. Take care Collin, we'll miss you. We know you will destroy Berklee with your 133t bass ski11s. Just don't forget to fill up a Polar Pop for the road...


p.s. the BTE cd is still in the works. perhaps by summer it will be ready? documentation, people!



Wow. This weekend was amazing. Big Soup turned out better than I could have ever imagined. All the bands showed up, the food was incredible, and more than 100 people came through. Shakela, who used to work in a soul food vegan restaurant in chicago, made six amazingly delicious dishes courtesy of Campus Vegetarian Society. Alex donated his dough skills and we had fresh cuban bread. John Fisher baked a cake. Onur worked the doors, enticing newcomers to take a chance and roll the "dice of death" instead of paying cover. The sound was great thanks to Collin's PA and sound equipment hookups. The bands did an awesome job, and pretty much 80% of the crowd stayed for the whole 3 hours, even as the music styles kept changing. We even got to stay a bit past the 10 pm curfew that was in the building use contract, thanks to friends that live in the IDF. When the food ran out, Clara from the Cockblocks helped us order some cheap pizzas to keep everyone full. Moneywise, we pretty much broke even, which was better than I expected. Thanks to everyone that helped out, and thanks to everyone that came. I had a really fun time. Next time, we won't forget to bring the nintendo! I will post some pictures of the event soon.


Congrats to Asif and thanks to everyone who participated in the picsound contest/festivities. Click here to view Asif's submission, Max's Day Off. Will vidsounds be the next evolution of picsounds? I hope so.


Click here to read an interview I had recently with the local arts/entertainment newspaper.

the days roll on

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One more week to submit pictures! Thanks to those that have submitted pictures already.

I am really busy; school is quite hectic. BTE will be playing 2 shows in april, april 24th GSR and april 16th (dinner and a rock show). Orange drink will be playin then too...

There is too much white on this front page...

First SoundPic!

For the next two weeks I'm going to try something a bit different. I'm going to attach an mp3 file, called pianorange.mp3 to this post, and I want everybody with a digital camera, or with a scanner, to upload a picture that they feel matches up with the music. Then, after enough submissions, I'll pick the best few (or let you guys decide which are the best few) and then post them to the picsound page. Maybe I'll make a slide show of them; I haven't decided the exact format yet. Don't feel limited to submitting a photograph - collages, drawings, poems are all welcome. DON'T FORGET - Please write your name when you submit a picture! Due date for submissions is April 10.

<< Download the music loop here >>

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Footnote: This loop comes from the secret bonus disc "52 Pickup" which is available if you purchase Turnstyles from me personally. Or just ask me and I'll send you a free copy of it.


Looking back we feel the past, and

however sad it seemed -

was never as empty as today’s loneliness and its lack of dreams.