"From the mean courts of the mid-nineties..."

Ok, well this week I was doing a ton of work to the UC Hiphop website; I couldn't stand the template I was using before and everything was confusing looking. I'd say its the first site where I can actually say I'm almost done with it. Unlike this one... :)

So this week we've got a new picsound, a short film by Jamie and Brendan Finucane. I don't take any credit for it, they definitely filmed and scored the whole thing. Be on the look out for these two at the next Sundance festival!
Click here to go to the picsounds page.
Thanks to those of you who submitted picsound pics; I'll try and get to them sometime soon. BTE is preparing for their show on March 4th, I'm in negotiations with Kevin and Jason about recording their next EP...things are way busy. It's valentine's day, so try and have a good one, even if you don't quite understand the day (like me). Make sure to score a lot of candy - but not those weird nasty heart shaped sweet tart things that taste like bitter dust.

Midnight Parking: The CULT

From: David Segal
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 11:58:00 -0500
Subject: Midnight Parking: The CULT

"So I'm at Panera Bread and they have free wireless access, and I'm
like sweet, so I'm mozying around the internet, and I say hey, what's
up at good old MidnightParking. Go to the site and get a message
saying that (this is in the attatched file in an .rtf that contains
the source code (wouldn't let me save as a webpage) the site was
blocked because it fell under the Cult/Occult category with their
filtering system (SonicWALL). So I mozied on over to SonicWALL and
found this page
(http://www.sonicwall.com/products/cfs_categories.html) where they
explain what that means. They say: "Sites sponsored by prominent
organized modern religious groups that are identified as "cults" by
three or more authoritative sources. Sites that promote or offer
methods, means of instruction, or other resources to affect or
influence real events through the use of spells, curses, magic powers
or supernatural beings." and as examples they have "www.satannet.com"
and "www.churchofsatan.com". So my question to you is, what deal did
you make with Satan that got you a sweet ass webpage and some
ill-shaped chandalier music skillz?"

Aside from the above disturbing news I received about this website, there is also this...!

New Picsound, OpEd?

Wow, seems like a LOT happened since last week. See if you can keep up:

+ Check out the new picsound, "Drunk Drummer" in the picsounds section! Don't forget you can upload a picture and I'll try and make a picsound out of it. Thanks for the friends that already submitted stuff. Keep it up!

+ So our local arts and entertainment paper here at school ran a few things of interest in last week's issue. First off, check out how they refer to a so-called "DJ Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi"... who is this imposter?! Please contact me with any information regarding this matter.

+ In other news, betterPropoganda.com has listed my track, "Dark as the Night" in their top 20 most downloaded listing and it's in the top 5 most downloaded electronic tracks. How? Who knows!

+ I posted live tracks of Black Tie Elephant here. You can also see some pics of us on that page.

+Some of you may remember that flash audio player I made a while back. Well, I greatly improved it so it actually looks somewhat professional. You can now stream spinnery's playlist here (updated often!). There will soon be a version for my tracks, as well as redBus and Black Tie Elephant.

+Getting back to the local Buzz article. There was a letter to the editor that happened to catch my eye. I felt so strongly about this issue that I decided to write a letter to the editor about the letter to the editor. You can read it below:

Link to Carli Bailey's letter to the editor

My response...

I'm writing in response to Carli Bailey's letter to the editor
in the Jan 27 edition of the Buzz. Apparently Carli feels
that art students complaining about "fumes, rodents
and general overall conditions of the studio work spaces
available to them" is not justified because great art comes
from the worst conditions, and that aspiring artists
should get used to it.

Submit a picsound picture!

You can now upload pictures to my website by clicking

here. (submit pic)

I'll look at 'em and try and put music/picsound them. Thanks to everyone who came to the black tie elephant show!! I had a great time playing, even if it was a bit short. No doubt we will be playing again very soon. You can read more about us and listen to some songs from the show by clicking

here. (BTE)

School has started again, 2nd to last semester. Part of me wishes this was my last semester, the other part is scared shitless to think about that.



With the best compliments of the year,pardon me,I wish to
plead with you to be my Investor/Trustee and solicit your
help in settling for business investment in your country
with good funds.Am really sorry for invading your
privacy,do bear with me as this would be beneficial to us

BTE Show

Mr. Kevin Davis has submitted a gushing review of Turnstyles. Is it bias? Yes. Will I still post it? Yes. :)

The new band I'm in, "Black Tie Elephant", is playing at the Canopy this Thursday at 10pm for the IMC radio benefit. There will be a bunch of fun acts and it should be a good time. Since making fonts bigger seem to attract more attention:

IMC Radio Benefit

Featuring Various Bands (but most importantly Black Tie Elephant)

Featuring Black Tie Elephant!

Black Ties! Elephants!

CANOPY CLUB, THURSDAY JAN 20 @ 8:30 (BTE on at 10pm)

Jazz-Punks that will probably make jazz and punk lovers angrily benevolent!

P.S. : : Black Tie Elephant WILL be performing!