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Holy crap, Obaaaaamaaaa! I just got back from the Obama rally at Grant Park. I think I'm still in disbelief that Obama won, and by such a large margin! I was expecting a really long, drawn out, excruciating vote tally that would last all night. By 10:00 CST they had called it for Obama. The rally was kinda weird in that they split up the crowd - Griselda and I got stuck behind a barricade half way in the field that prevented us from getting any closer to the stage, but we probably wouldn't have been able to see much better anyway. The crowd was fucking great, young and diverse and genuinely felt like a breath of fresh air...both Barack and McCain's speeches were great. I don't think it will all really kick in until I wake up tomorrow. Holy crap. Sooo awesome.

I really liked the line in Obama's speech where he mentioned that those who did not vote for him might be disappointed, but that he will listen - and that he will be their president too. This sentiment is one of my favorite aspects of Obama, that he will listen to everyone, and try to work towards common solutions. People put a lot of emphasis on the candidates' policies, issues, agendas and idealism, but despite it all, a good leader is one who is smart, a good communicator, and listens to both sides - all sides - before coming to a decision. And I hope this remains a fundamental aspect of an Obama/Biden administration. Because our nation is shouting, the world is shouting, and someone needs to listen. I'm excited and proud that we were able to vote Obama as our president. A weird, patriotic feeling, I have not felt before. It makes me think we are capable of more. I for one am not expecting any sweeping changes in the next few years in our government - I remain about as cynical as I was before about the capacity for our government to solve our problems. But Obama's power is that he motivates people to get up, get involved, and solve their own problems. And this kind of grassroots-y motivation is just what the doctor ordered - it is a catalyst for real change.

Brilliant campaign. GObama! Whew! We made it!

Call Me (and Vote)

Today is Election day! (happy b-day keevs!) Don't forget to vote! It's also a great excuse to call that special someone and remind them to vote, catch up, or just say hi. Here's a little something I cooked up last night that you can play all day to help you remember to call them (and vote)...

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Fight the Smears!

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Obama party pic

Courtesy of Rogge. Just want to put this on file for the future.

Turtles for Obama

Funny bug when I sent out the canned email thing on It somehow swapped half of the names and emails I entered. Which means, Blair is getting an email addressed to Kim. And Hannah is getting an email addressed to Ben. Weird.

Black Tie Elephant Videos

Black Tie Elephant has a myspace page with 2 rough demos you can preview.

Also Rahul posted some videos from our last show on YouTube. The quality is decent, although sometimes the levels are off.

Lunches (Cortland and Rockwell)


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Brendan's Week - o - Chi music

Last week Brendan went to a show every day at a different venue to explore and learn more about the Chicago scene. I went with him to 5 of the shows. Check out his writeups at: NOT Danville days

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From the dusty old files of A. Suave and Q. Perav...

New picsound by Kaveh Ardalan! Check it out here.

Last January Kaveh sent me a picsound that had been inspired by an SF blackout about three or four years prior. I didn't want to post it until I did a little housekeeping with the rest of the picsounds (they've all been broken since last January, too). Anyway, apologies to the K.A. and to denying the world from hearing/seeing it. Wicked stuff.

You may also note that the rest of the picsounds finally work too! Some of them haven't been loading right, or don't load, etc.

Even Max's Day Off works now, which for the past 3 years has stopped playing halfway through!

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Well holleeee-crap!

For one week only, you can stream Blip Festival: Reformat the Planet, a documentary filmed by Asif - yes - the great Sadisky! himself. Congrats to him, Paul Owens, and the rest of the crew. It's great to see good peoples getting the respect and attention they deserve. No doubt this is just the beginning...

After having attended last year's Blip Fest, I'd be lying if the Chiptune scene in New York didn't have an affect on me. I was really struck by how much energy the music had. And while I can't say I am as hardcore as these guys programming directly on their old gameboys, I can say that I do have an admiration from starting from raw waveforms and building up interesting sounds and songs. Hipshooter was definitely influenced by these ideas.