Harder Than You Think (zirafa remix)

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Green Typewriters [Continued] by The Olivia Tremor Control

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Let's get this thing going by zirafa

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new tracks

Big Dinner

A track featuring Brendan Finucane on cello. I did this as a final project for my music sound design class (music 402).

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"Justice" demo

A rough demo from a recent black tie elephant practice.

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Greg Spero Trio, UC Hiphop

Black Tie Elephant was scheduled to play this event but due to timing conflicts will not be able to play. Check back with us soon, as we hope to be playing lots of gigs in the near future!
You can check out the music of the other performers here:
Greg Spero Trio
UC Hiphop

Show is supposed to start at night. My guess is around 9 or 10 at night, but check back later to find out when exactly.