New Picsound, OpEd?

Wow, seems like a LOT happened since last week. See if you can keep up:

+ Check out the new picsound, "Drunk Drummer" in the picsounds section! Don't forget you can upload a picture and I'll try and make a picsound out of it. Thanks for the friends that already submitted stuff. Keep it up!

+ So our local arts and entertainment paper here at school ran a few things of interest in last week's issue. First off, check out how they refer to a so-called "DJ Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi"... who is this imposter?! Please contact me with any information regarding this matter.

+ In other news, has listed my track, "Dark as the Night" in their top 20 most downloaded listing and it's in the top 5 most downloaded electronic tracks. How? Who knows!

+ I posted live tracks of Black Tie Elephant here. You can also see some pics of us on that page.

+Some of you may remember that flash audio player I made a while back. Well, I greatly improved it so it actually looks somewhat professional. You can now stream spinnery's playlist here (updated often!). There will soon be a version for my tracks, as well as redBus and Black Tie Elephant.

+Getting back to the local Buzz article. There was a letter to the editor that happened to catch my eye. I felt so strongly about this issue that I decided to write a letter to the editor about the letter to the editor. You can read it below:

Link to Carli Bailey's letter to the editor

My response...

I'm writing in response to Carli Bailey's letter to the editor
in the Jan 27 edition of the Buzz. Apparently Carli feels
that art students complaining about "fumes, rodents
and general overall conditions of the studio work spaces
available to them" is not justified because great art comes
from the worst conditions, and that aspiring artists
should get used to it.

This is a wake up call to Carli. You are destroying the very
art community you claim you are a part of! The model of the
artist you are buying into is basically one of the starving
artist, who fights tooth and nail for every scrap of life they
can get their hands on, enduring the worst aspects of human
life so that the rest of society doesn't have to. They are
typically loners, disconnected from society, merely
subjectively sampling the extremes of the human condition and
reporting what it is like through their art.

I'm not going to try and refute your claims that some of the
greatest art ever created was made by the very poor and
mistreated. But this is not because great art can only come
from those that "choose" to be poor and live in dumps. It
arises because those great artists lived in a world where art
was not seen as worthy enough to support them. And unlike
many artists who burn out, the few who were successful did so
because they fought this negative stereotype of artists and
were able to put up with living in extreme conditions. They
made everything themselves, printed handbills, booked shows,
toured, using every resource imaginable to express themselves
in an artistic way AND make a living. One of the greatest
examples of this is Beethoven, who was reknowned for putting
on live concerts where he had to compose, conduct, book, and
promote the shows all by himself. Yes, he worked his butt off
to get things done, but I imagine that if he had access to
more resources he wouldn't turn them down. One thing about
being resourceful is that you use ALL the resources available
to you.

My point is this: Don't you think because of your experiences
as an artist, you should be fighting for better resources for
University students instead of chastising the artists
themselves? Just because you had it bad, don't make it
miserable for everyone else. Furthermore, you are promoting
the idea that artists don't DESERVE anything but the worst
conditions, because, like you said, they had better "get used
to it". Well, I for one refuse to put up with your
destructive mindset. If you want to live in a cramped,
smokey, rodent filled, gas-chamber like basement, be my guest.
I for one don't think it is cool, funky, or gives me some
sort of pretentious hipster status to be living in a dump in
the inner city if I don't have to. Don't romanticize this.

It's also interesting that you try to show us the reality of
being an artist that has to put up with so much hardship and
then you say, "if it's in your soul, you'll be a shining star,
a great artist. . ." What an idealistic and unrealistic
outlook. Ok, so as an artist I'm supposed to take what I can
get and just "hope" for success? The reality of it is, the
"shoot for the moon" method for success works for one in a
million artists. Meanwhile, the energy spent daydreaming
could go to grassroots organizing of your local art community.
By engaging with your community, you could foster bonds with
local artists and improve the community as a whole. Oh wait,
you wanted to be disconnected from society right? Hmm, but you
depend on society for success, a society that you say will one
day immortalize you and call you great? You seem a bit

So instead of bitching to the rest of us, why not use the
social network that artists already have established as a
foundation for a better society. A great example of a
successful, sustaining artist network is the punk scene.
Various punks create their own regional scenes, and by
connecting with other regional scenes are able to support one
another in terms of promoting, touring, and lodging
facilities. So instead of putting down your fellow artists,
maybe it’d be more constructive to help them out. By helping
your community and not being so insular, perhaps once and for
all we can rid our society of the negative stigma associated
with being an artist. As long as you let people walk all over
you, they will continue to do so. Instead, gather up your
friends and realize that there really is strength in numbers -
build your own world if you don't like the one you are living in.

-Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi
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you beat ani difranco. 


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