"From the mean courts of the mid-nineties..."

Ok, well this week I was doing a ton of work to the UC Hiphop website; I couldn't stand the template I was using before and everything was confusing looking. I'd say its the first site where I can actually say I'm almost done with it. Unlike this one... :)

So this week we've got a new picsound, a short film by Jamie and Brendan Finucane. I don't take any credit for it, they definitely filmed and scored the whole thing. Be on the look out for these two at the next Sundance festival!
Click here to go to the picsounds page.
Thanks to those of you who submitted picsound pics; I'll try and get to them sometime soon. BTE is preparing for their show on March 4th, I'm in negotiations with Kevin and Jason about recording their next EP...things are way busy. It's valentine's day, so try and have a good one, even if you don't quite understand the day (like me). Make sure to score a lot of candy - but not those weird nasty heart shaped sweet tart things that taste like bitter dust.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention - Zirafa is now on allmusic, even though they say the artist name is Turnstyles, which I think is a flower-power type band from the 70s. Weird.

beethoven says:

ok, the best part of the film was definitely the orchestra hits. SUPERB!

i love the heart shaped mint candies! do they have gelatin in them, though?

please kill me!

milk from the milkman's wife's (not verified) says:

that film really caught me off guard (in a good way...eventually)

While struggling to think of something else to say, I actually just came up with an idea. Okay, so people send you pictures or videos and then you make the music.

Why not try it the other way around? Give us a loop or even a complete short song. One, maybe two minutes long. And we can go out and take an appropriate picture or shoot some video accompaniment. If I know you at all, I know that you've got a bunch of little musical bits and pieces just lying around (52 pickup!) so right well i can't think of an exciting way to end this post. later

zirafa says:

brilliant idea

zirafa says:

also, i have an idea for the video you sent me, but i haven't had a chance to get to it. sooooon

veteranchild (not verified) says:

i agree with what milk was talking about above... that would be cool to have the creation flow in both directions.

daniel spinnerty (not verified) says:

VET KID in the house.  whats up pattyb.  long time no see.

beethoven says:

update this now