Strange oh strange

::EDIT:: Added Picsound, updated the music page!

I'm pretty sure i posted a new post here two days ago but it disappeared for some reason. I'm runnin' a little late on the picsound for this week, I apologize. This week is hella busy!! But check out what's happenin in the mutant music section. Aaron is literally smokin' everyone with hot loops. Drew has finally submitted something as well.

The track Spin and I are doin for the GSR compilation is due extremely soon, I'll keep you all posted about it (there have been some interesting developments), meanwhile Black Tie Elephant is continuing preparation for the March 4th show (friday after next). I've been recording many many musical ideas on my mini cassette recorder, I'm thinking about posting random audio bits on this site.

Thanks again to the many pictures posted to be picsounded. I'm gonna try and knock them out one by one, and I'm also down for posting a music loop and having everyone submit drawings or pictures to match it (idea by asif).

That's all for now. Look for a new picsound by wednesday or thursday night. In the meantime, check out the amazing new oldeenglish video.

Asif says:

Looking forward to the new picsound & the dawn of the SoundPic age...speaking of which, I tried to upload a picture for was a still from my movie i told you about that was inspired by "hannah" in hopes that you would revisit the original Hannah loop (really sweet) and do the first Picsound any case, i don't think i did it right. i was just curious if you ever saw it.

brooklyn & homemade pizza forever - asif

farsheed2 (not verified) says:

hey asif. make sure you aren't tryin to upload something bigger than a meg or 2 megs

Asif says:

dr bootybot, got it. added 3 pics to the pile. who is "cegner"? his/her pictures are great. I cast my vote for one of them to get the zirafa treatment next.

beethoven says:

life is a beautiful gift.

i was better than those dancers.

beethoven says:

Asif says:

you really have to stop with this picture of the nose man. it's bordering on fetishism at this point.

but on a slightly related note...did anyone ever see that drawing Dali did of a boat on a moonlit river? Well, if you were to turn it on it's side and zoom out, you'd see that it's really a closeup of Hitler's nose & moustache. pretty cool.

beethoven says:

YES that picture is amazing.

the second i saw the nose, i broke into hysterical laughter for about 5 minutes. i had to share this. if you don't think it's funny well.....IT'S JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE WITH YOU!

*gigantic overblown sigh + toss hands in the air*


AaronDBaron says:

why is the sum of all fears ...a giant nose?

beethoven says:

ha ha ha - i have no. i just found that picture online and went berzerk