Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellla busy.

So this week was one of the busiest/hectic ones I've had in a long time. Let's take a gander at the past few days:

-Black Tie Elephant show. We had to learn 15 songs in 3 weeks, which was quite a feat. Practiced a ton and put on a 2 hour show at Paradiso! A success, thanks to the dedicated friends that came out to support us. I still haven't listened to the recording - if any of it is usable, it will show up on the black tie elephant page. We will probably be going to try to record something officially in the next week or two. When it warms up, I think we're gonna try playing outside!

-GSR track. Worked tirelessly to finish up the submission for the Green Street Records compilation. Spinnerty and I were swapping files over AIM at 3 AM the night before it was due. "Is this beat cutup any good?" "I'm going to put popcorn popping over this beat", etc. I am really pleased how it turned out, and will be posting it on the web soon so people can hear it. GSR will also be giving away 2500 copies of the CD to university of illinois students for free. Peepity peep that hotness.

-Recorded Jason and Kevin's New Album. On saturday, Jason and Kevin came over with a bass and acoustic guitar. From 2 pm to 12:30 am (10 1/2 hours!) we recorded 10 tracks. With only a short pizza break around 8 pm, it was a looonnggg day. But we got an amazing amount of material onto tape, and will be mixing it all soon. This will be Kevin's 12th album (!) If they agree to it, I'll post some audio clips online and maybe some links to purchase it when they release it.

-Web host change. Apologies to those that tried to visit midnightparking.com and the site was down. I decided to switch webhosts and there was some miscommunication during the transfer process and so the site was down for a day or two. Everything *should* be running smoothly now but please let me know through email if you get an error message.

Somewhere in there I had to fit in school, too. So I apologize for no picsound last week, I owe you 2 this week, so hold me to it!

The next thing I'll be working on is the audiozine and possibly a 45 wax single with Spinnerty.

Oh, and if you get the chance, check out the stones throw 101 DVD that was released a while ago. It has some of the most interesting music videos I've seen in a while. It includes a mix CD by peanut butter wolf as well.

spin deezy (not verified) says:

farsheed is the renaissance madlib of urbana.  woot woot

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:


zirafa says:

at first glance, this site looks cool. on closer inspection it is wack. you have to pay a fee to sell beats?? that's complete crap. they also claim to be a "venue" and not an "auction site". meaning no fraud protection. plus, i don't see why you have to pay for the beats if you can just listen to them streaming and rip the stream. plus, they charge for posting a beat. why not just steal my wallet...
good idea, poorly executed...just too sketchy. I give it a D-


To begin auctioning on BidOnBeats.com it is necessary to upgrade your account type from "user" to "producer." A $9.95 fee follows this upgrade. To upgrade your account sign in or register if you have not already done so (see top for details) then access your account page by either clicking in the 'your account' button on the main page or by clicking on the 'my BidOnBeats.com' link located at the top right of the navigation bar. From within the account page click on the 'update account' link located to the left. A pop-up window will appear from which you must change you account type from "user" to "producer" via a dropdown menu. After changing the account type click the submit button to complete the process. At your next sign in you will be greeted with a different account interface that will allow you to post auctions.

Applicable fees for posting an auction include a $.50 posting fee and 15% of the final sale price. If an auction closes without any bids you are presented with the opportunity to re-post this auction for a reduced price of $0.25. For further informatiion please contact us at service@bidonbeats.com.

Asif says:

what are some of the videos on the DVD? I'm interested in looking for them & checking them out so i can make an informed decision about purchasing.

zirafa says:


madvillian-rhinestone cowboy,all caps

madlib- slim's return

quasimoto - come on feet, good morning sunshine

lootpack - whenimondamic

wildchild- wonder years

jaylib - mcnasty filth

breakestra - getcho soul togetha

dudley perkins - money

gary wilson - linda wants to be alone

koushik - one in a day

rasco feat. planet asia - take it back home

charizma and peanut butter wolf - red light, green light

kazi- a.v.e.r.a.g.e


mf doom, madlib, pb wolf, egon on muchmusic tv

jaylib live debut at the jazz cafe, london

pb wolf interview

charizma and pb wolf live on home turf, SF

la carnival - tracking down the lost funk band

madvillian - all caps blueprint

quasimoto behind the scenes for come on feet

dooley o - headbangers ball video

stark reality -live tv performance, boston

MIX CD by peanut butter wolf included

zirafa says:

new picsound up

keev (not verified) says:

yo, i've owned the stones throw 101 DVD/CD combo for a while now, got it for 13 or 14 bucks at Relative Theory in Norfolk VA (woot woot).  The mix CD by PB wolf is sick and I've been listening to it a lot for the last few months now.  Essential, really.

I thought the DVD was good, but not great.  The Michel Gondry compilation DVD, which I own, has much better videos.  Still, some of the stuff on the Stones Throw DVD is cool, the Madvillian videos were neat, there was a really weird one with puppets and amputations, etc.  Get it if you find it for a good price.

Bottom Line: CD = totally worth it.  DVD = sweet bonus to have with the CD.

zirafa says:

yeah i also own the gondry/cunningham/jonze dvds, but i enjoy the stones throw dvd too. it is different than the others. i do enjoy the fact that stones throw will go out on a limb occasionally (c'mon feet) and end up with something really bizarro. to be honest, i haven't even watched all the videos, just the first 4 or so. but they were compelling enough that i sat down to watch 4 or 5 when i intended to just watch 1 and leave the house. blah didee blah bloo

Asif says:

man that c'mon feet video is hilarious.

...that's all i wanted to say...thanks for the input bb & djd

spinnertay (not verified) says:

i got the dvd when it came out, later that night i drove my car to go see a movie with the pb wolf mixtape on bump listening to it for the first time.  after the movie i arrived at my car to find it had been broken into and the stereo was all F'd up (hey, they even stole my copy of Turnstylez and a few spinnerty cds).  they couldn't get the stereo out (thankfully) but it is pretty mangled and i can't eject the CD but it still plays.  needless to report, i've become *very* familiar with it as it is now my only car cd.  but that is a  good one to get stuck on i think