Another busy weekend

Another busy weekend:

+Funny Face

Last summer I dressed up in a blue bathroom mat and played the part of a school mascot in an Olde English sketch. After losing some footage, they've reworked it and posted it online. Click here to check it out!

+New picsound! "Layed off, Down and Out", picture submitted by roomate Onur. I'm pretty sure that's him in the bunny costume. Another one will be up by the end of the week.

+Black Tie Elephant

On Saturday we met up to record a 4 song demo in our basement, however, we ended up laying down 11 tracks! It went from 4 song demo to EP to LP to "greatest hits" to "Best of Black Tie Elephant" within hours...

Collin brought close to $5000 worth of mics borrowed from ISU, along with a dual G5 and a mixer. We nailed moldy carpet to the walls to dampen the acoustics of the room, except it smelled like old feet so we used an entire bottle of febreeze, a scented candle, burnt matches, glade plugins, and lysol to battle the odor. The feet smell and the good smells waged a war all weekend, although the good smell is slowly but surely gaining ground. Pictures of it all will come soon! (I'm sure this excites you)

It was a long day. We woke up, recorded from 2pm to 9pm, ate, and then pooped out for the night. On Sunday Collin and Brendan laid down cello and bass tracks over the drums that I had laid down the day before, from about 5pm to 10 pm at night.

+Jason and Kevin

From 1pm-5pm on Sunday Kevin, Jason and I mixed a good 9 or so tracks of their new album. I think we'll be able to finish up the last two by the end of the week, hopefully.

+Dinner and a Rock Show
So I'm trying to put together a show type thing at the Red Herring sometime in mid-april, probably around the 15th. It'll be a friday, I'm pretty sure - but the premise is to have a vegetarian sponsored pasta night at the same time as a rock show. The bands that I hope to get to play:

Black Tie Elephant (noisy jazz-punk)

Orange Drink (experimental folk rock)

My Masterpiece will be a Burning Museum (hardcore madlibs and dodgeball)

Tofu Boots (noisy folk extravaganza)

Jason and Kevin (pantless old school folk)

Also there will be some old school videogames to play on a projector in a corner of the room, and possibly a four square ball will be there. Basically nobody should have an excuse to be bored or hungry.

Spring break next week, coming to UVA!

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

i get no love! lost in the shuffle!

can't wait to hear the junk. let hemlock records release your next work!


giovanni (not verified) says:

hey Farsheed i just saw you on olde english! that is awesome! what building were you in front of?

zirafa says:

that's a magnet school in wicker park - we lived across the street from it and filmed there/played four square all the time over last summer

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

hey man, where are we?
a jungle gym.
how did we get outside?