aide shoma mobarak

+ I'm having yet another identity crisis involving my name and so called artist name. Are artists name necessary? Does Zirafa work? What about Robot Dinosaur? Or just Midnight Parking? Midnight Parker? If you have an opinion about this please comment below.

+ Kevin, Jason and I finished up mixing last week amid the week-before-spring-break haze. Now all that is left is tweaking the mix and EQing levels. This last stage is always the hardest because it is hard to get it just right.

+Still organizing the dinner and a rock show event scheduled tentatively for april 15; still awaiting confirmation from
channing murray foundation. I'll keep you up to speed on that.

+BTE playing GSR benefit show. Sunday, April 24.

+Today is Nowrooz, the Iranian new year. Thankfully I happen to be home today and was able to eat all the delicious food and lay on the couch for hours watching sunday movies. Haven't done that in a while.

Tomorrow I head out to charlottsville. If you are reading this and are in charlottesville, you can find me at kaveh's, where I'll be crashing for a few days.

p.s. Orange Drink is a liar. I answered his weekly quiz question correctly, yet was denied the glory of the win.

3leet (not verified) says:

Dude, your name doesn't really matter, its like picking an aim name, all that matters is you chose one and stick with it, and they're already referring to you in The Buzz as Zirafa, so it might be confusing to change it at this point.  Look at my name, for example, I only like it, because it looks good (Elite) when written in cursive.  If you're going to do anything, you should stop going by a name at all and just use a picture of yourself.  

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

zirafa's fine, consistency is most important.  Many big groups/artists have stupid names: Flaming Lips, The Game, Queens of the Stone Age, Doubting Thomas, redBus, Orange Drink, Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam.  These names all suck.  Horribly.  And yet all of these artists are pretty successful, even multi-platinum.  Oh, The Beatles.  That name sucks.  They didn't change it, and kept getting free drugs and babes anyway.

Also, the Orange Drink puzzle from last week was wiggidy wack.   The easiest explanation is that the guy drank the punch and then poisoned it afterwards.  Thus anyone who had the punch once he left was bound to die.  This bizness about ice cubes makes no sense!  Wouldn't they melt on the way there?  Or did he bring the poison in liquid form, stick it in the freezer at the party, wait a while (sipping punch while bored), and then take the newly cubed ice of doom to the otherwise innocent punch bowl?

Occam's Razor, motherfuckers, Occam's Razor!


lost in the parking lot says:

Man I totally agree about the OD puzzle this week. That was uncalled for.

Definitely Not Caring About How Sorely I'm Taking This Loss


ps - K, what are some really good band names in your opinion?

spit or pee (not verified) says:


mine was cool when i first got it because at that time the only people that had ever heard the name understood the point of it.  years later random people hear it and don't get it, mis-pronounce it, forget it, say "huh", and generally poop on me. 

that being said, i'm in no rush to change it because it is already "known". zirafa is already "known".  i think at this point the next chance to change a name is when you are so "known" that you can earn cool points by releasing things under other names so that only the hardcore fans will know whats up and they'll feel special. 


you could just change your name on GSR volume 1 and then have it appear in your dumb high school alumni newsletter because mark rubel went to the same highschool that you did and he published a little "alumnus update" poop about being involved with the project and saying which other grads (on dude from at knifepoint as well) were on the project and have the rest of your classmates that haven't seen you in 5 years think "wow, i'm glad i haven't seen that moron in 5 years"

blue (not verified) says:

I dunno. "crisis of location" was in 2003, and i used the name "disadvantage point" instead of my own name, and have since grown self-conscious about it...I think that has a lot to do with performing solo under my own name rather than the pseudonym. I couldn't bring myself to call myself something other than my own name performing live, but i was able to do it on the record, so i got confused...the new one i'm working on will be under my own name, for consistency's sake, plus i doubt i'll be embarrassed by it down the line. i still need a title for it, though. perhaps "the magic theatre?"