First SoundPic!

For the next two weeks I'm going to try something a bit different. I'm going to attach an mp3 file, called pianorange.mp3 to this post, and I want everybody with a digital camera, or with a scanner, to upload a picture that they feel matches up with the music. Then, after enough submissions, I'll pick the best few (or let you guys decide which are the best few) and then post them to the picsound page. Maybe I'll make a slide show of them; I haven't decided the exact format yet. Don't feel limited to submitting a photograph - collages, drawings, poems are all welcome. DON'T FORGET - Please write your name when you submit a picture! Due date for submissions is April 10.

<< Download the music loop here >>

<< Upload your picture here (1 megabyte limit) >>

Footnote: This loop comes from the secret bonus disc "52 Pickup" which is available if you purchase Turnstyles from me personally. Or just ask me and I'll send you a free copy of it.

pianorange.mp3353.88 KB
lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

YES. let madness commence.

MIke (not verified) says:

 Compared to the other crafts, I think it needs a bit of work. This download we are trying to give an Identity to.

zirafa says:

what needs a bit of work? the loop?