the days roll on

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One more week to submit pictures! Thanks to those that have submitted pictures already.

I am really busy; school is quite hectic. BTE will be playing 2 shows in april, april 24th GSR and april 16th (dinner and a rock show). Orange drink will be playin then too...

There is too much white on this front page...

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:


The ground zero music is not playing on buy it. I emailed Farsheed and he didn't fix it. I have really been talkin about Hip hop to my church and they get it and are reading about it now. I put this sites link out to aaaaallllooootttt of people, that might be why.

zirafa says:

hello, i received your email. but I have no idea what you are talking about. what is ground zero music? what is not working? I can't fix something if I don't know what it is I'm fixing.

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

hahahahahahha...oh god. laughing uncontrollably at this exchange.