Too Busy to Breathe

Busy week. Yesterday was the CD release of Green St. Records 2nd compilation, peepity peep the track by Zirafa and Spinnerty, "Keep your Raincheck".

Black Tie Elephant played a rock em sock em quick and dirty set, complete with blue blockers, derby caps and straw hats. Congrats to Collin (BTE bassist) to getting into Berklee college of music! He will rock the pants off the jazzers there, and will be sorely missed. Brendan and I doubt we can find a suitable replacement, so we are a bit sad. But we know that, well shucks, inside each of us there is a tiny black tie elephant wih a tiny collin and a tiny brendan and a tiny drumset to play tiny jazzpunk tunes....

Seriously though, I'm glad to have met such a talented/diverse/smart/weird bassist while here at UIUC. Black Tie Elephant was the first time since high school where I felt like I was part of a solid group of musicians who cut through the bullshit to hang out and play some cool music. I only hope I'll be able to catch Collin on tour when he has joined "Insane Clown Posse" for their '09 summer reunion tour. Haha, I'm trying to imagine that. Take care Collin, we'll miss you. We know you will destroy Berklee with your 133t bass ski11s. Just don't forget to fill up a Polar Pop for the road...


p.s. the BTE cd is still in the works. perhaps by summer it will be ready? documentation, people!

lost in the parking lot says:

in honor of Collin...



kvee (not verified) says:

sweet black tie elephant graphic beethoven there is no punctuation in this message farsheed i'm so glad you've finally come around to the idea of documentation it's about freakin' ti-i-i-i-i-ime of course who am i to talk haven't had anything to document for umpteen moons now

luv kvee

zirafa says:

please give me something other than "blues i wrote from a window" to listen to... :(

that is all


lost in the parking lot says: