Some updates

As you probably noticed, I updated the site, (duh). Unlike my usual updates, this one was productive because I didn't destroy my site and start over again. I tried to work with what I already had. Dammit! It still needs more pictures though! *scribbles in a notebook*

So they say podcasting is all the rage. I setup a little podcast + podcast player (more like a mini radio station) so that when people first visit they can listen to rants and noises and tracks. I think I like the idea of people getting introduced to this site through a sonic barrage of sorts, since that's the whole point (kinda). Also, if you are looking for picsounds, I put it under "other projects" link. I wanted to see how simple I could make the navigation without killing the site.

Um...............right. More pictures! everywhere! more weird flash things that blink!

jean spinnay ramsey (not verified) says:

first of all the white text rocks my world. second of all the big ass brite thing in the mutant music forum is dizzying. third of all yipeeeeeee.

jean claud farsheed (not verified) says:

haha, yeah still playing with colors. colors are so hard! especially on the web.

beethovenx (not verified) says:

hey! the website is looking great. orange is classic you. and you know i know because i know you know i know you well. the text box for name/email/homepage is white on white.

i'm going to give your site a thorough test and give you a report probably tomorrow night.

what happened to log ins? can i still log in?


audioblog says:

the orange is not the right color just yet. but i'm still workin on it...