So I guess I did decide to go with a radical change of the site...! I'm trying to go back to the old days of how I used to design, where everything was kind of hacked together and not very organized. I think it feels more like home. :)

hmm...but does anybody even visit this site anymore? Maybe it's cause it lacks a real purpose...

spinNERDY (not verified) says:

i visit this site on a daily basis...i secretly have a crush on you

spinnertyyy (not verified) says:

in a related story ...your EQ touchpad project looks dope!! my only suggestion is that at the last minute, before turning in your paper, you should have changed it so the other two dudes are $50/hour and you are $300. then you teacher would have realized that you deserved an A+ while the other two only deserved a B. wouldn't you agree

farsheed_ (not verified) says:

haha - actually tony, one of our partners, was responsible for writing that part and actually did that. then he changed it so we all got like $200/hour and the TA was like, "uhhh....are you guys really planning on charging this much??"

Asif says:

hey the layout is pretty sweet except for the Super White background. Really like that picture of the bike though...hey so I'm going to be making some DVD copies of a couple of our class' movies (pretty much my housemates' stuff)...I'll send you a copy soon so you can see your music in action.

thanks again. sorry you couldn't make it.

aaron (not verified) says:

an idea
maybe it'd be interesting if members to the site could customize the webpage...perhaps you could offer them a selection of backgrounds, pictures, or set to random...

kvee (not verified) says:

site looks nice, ditch white background, i do check it, there is a point but it got lost in the shuffle so now we gotta decide what it's all about etc etc etc. i'm kinda tired from a ton of driving and lack of food so i'm out now but i'll get brainstormin', luv -kvee

zirafa says:

yeah. the reason i do a white background is cause i've never seen a page with a non-white background that really works too well. black is the other option but it doesn't seem to add much flavor. the biggest reason, however, is that having a non-white background means adjusting all the other colors on the site, and it means integrating pictures becomes more difficult because those pictures have to have backgrounds that match colors. but if you guys have some suggestions or can point me in the direction of some good examples, i'm definitely interested. also, aaron - customizable backgrounds is actually already sort of there, i could create a bunch of different themes and when you login it would change. that seems kinda boring though. but other than having a bunch of pre-done themes to switch between, i like the idea of uploading your own picture, etc...

but of course things get complicated. the amount of control i give you over changing your own theme could possibly be destructive (think myspace).

but more important than this site's layout is what this site is about. it's about music, and its about art. i've done some major thinking and i plan to release music in the future with monikers relating to midnightparking just because it makes sense to tie my music world to this world and to use this site to promote my music. but obviously, the scope of midnightparking extends to people i know and music/art i like and want to promote. that's why i will always offer to make pages for people and will always have collaborative things (mutant music, picsounds) on here. i want you guys to use it as much as i do, so that's why i'm always looking for your input. so on the one side midnightparking is my music, on the other hand it's an experimental laboratory and we are all the test subjects. i've been desperately trying to separate the two worlds, but it's clear to me that they are connected, so why try and separate them?