The days don't go slow enough

It's another late night. I don't know why or even how I stay up this late, so consistently. Busy packing and figuring out what's going on before I move to San Francisco for the summer. Finishing up the audiozine stuff.

Oh! If you want to get a *free* copy of the green street records CD, "Playlisted" which features my track, Keep your Raincheck, it's available at Parasol Records. And while you are there, might as well pick up another copy of Turnstyles for (Self-promotion is way lame.)

I really wish I was touring right now. Go see Eric Laska's band. They are on tour and it's noiiiissssy. I think I'm going to trade in my toyota for an old diesel school bus, rip out the seats, convert it to greasel, and put a mini-recording studio in there/tour equipment and hit the road, playing every little venue possible on the east coast. I'm pretty sure at least 2/3 of what I just said will come true (not too sure about the greasel school bus).

spinnay (not verified) says:

greasel-bot says feeeeed meeee

L V beethoven (not verified) says:

let me know when you are ready! we will etude the east coast!

zirafa says:

brendan says he is down. drew are you down? next summer for sure, chicago to new york to va beach.

Asif says:

hey, isn't that the robot from the cover of the Loose Grooves & Blues CD????

beethovenx (not verified) says:

for sure. jim has the trailer, so we can play lots of shows and just live out of the trailer (aka clubhouse) and crap, we could even record in there (i don't think we could set up a drum kit though, but maybe!)

zirafa says:

is it? I hope not! j/k

zirafa says:

how big is the trailer? brendan and i are looking into getting or converting a bus/truck into a greasel monster. the plan is to get enough space and gear to record, store equipment, tour, and live. save money on gas by running it on veggie oil, and then make more $ by playing shows, selling CDs, and by doing cheap mobile recordings for little bands that can't afford the outrageously high priced recording studios. "big soup", on the road!

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

30 ft.

beethoven! (not verified) says: