sick francisco

thanks for all your b-day wishes, everyone. lisa was nice enough to make a cake and buy some thai noodles. we sat around eating cake and ice cream and then watched life aquatic, which i of course fell asleep in the middle of (recently i've been cursed to fall asleep while watching movies, no matter how badly i want to watch the movie). but from what i saw it seemed pretty good...i think. while packing up my stuff i realized how much crap i have.

So I've made it to san francisco (this is where i'm writing from). it is much, much colder here than it's supposed to be. or at least what i thought it'd be. brendan gave me his cold (thanks b!) which has kept me occupied as i move in to my room for the summer. my music setup has changed to: guitar + sampler + 4 track. ok, so i don't have a guitar and my 4 track is broken, but i'm working on it. meanwhile, i'm excited to start helping out youth movement records soon. i think the first order of business will be making a webappy thing that aids in online music collaboration, kinda like mutant music. what the bullpoop am i doing on here? i've got to go eat some pizza. byes


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hi dog