a crazy week

Don't ask me why, but after a long lull it always seems like there has to be a crazy week of intensity to make up for it. I've been working with Nica, the graphic designer for MFA on youth movement records new website, and also have been doing some artist website jenkity for CSL. Besides webstuff, more acoustic guitar practicing. Jaime was kind enough to let me borrow her guitar (Joseph) for the summer. It's a black Ibanez. I've written some songs but I need some sort of way to organize them together. Anybody have any ideas? I basically just want to write a bunch of songs and release it. But I don't want to go the CD route. What are alternative ways to distribute music as a packaged bundle instead of selling a CD? Online players? Online downloads? Tacking CDs to public walls (graffiti style)? Help! I have no faith in the record industry! ;)

Also the guys from CCmixter ripped off my idea for mutant music. j/k. but really. check it out. it's awesome.

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:


why don't you write about the songs, what they are about, and how/where you got the ideas, and include the lyrics, on a big sheet of paper and we'll put the whole thing available for download/give some away for free?

zirafa says:

how big a sheet of paper ;) ?

kvee (not verified) says:

just responded to yr somewhat flustered sounding e-mail, then it hit me:

to figure out how to distribute, first it seems like you gotta have a goal in mind...

some questions that seem pertinent:
1) should the songs be for sale or free?
2) are you trying to reach the max number of people or some specific subgroup, or just whoever that floats by and listens?
3) what degree of intellectual property protection do you want to place on the songs?
4) should it be available in multiple formats (e.g. CD, mp3)?

those are some totally random things i just came up with...maybe they'll help get wheels turning?

Your good friend david segal (not verified) says:

Well I'd be happy to post it as a torrent on the torrent communities I'm a part of. That's how I get my music (almost exclusively) so that would take care of people exactly llike me.

zirafa says:

hey dave. What if I published torrents directly through my site? I've always been a bit curious as to how torrent communities work. Is it a closed system or a searchable system?

zirafa says:

Right, these are questions I've asked myself and they are questions everyone that distributes their work online should ask themselves. While the questions seem to make sense, getting answers is still pretty ambiguous. Let's say I say:

1) some free, some for sale
2) max number of people
3) creative commons is fine. pinging licensing sites is a plus.
4) multiple formats is a plus

1) free mp3s, maybe charge for CD quality version or packaged file download that comes with artwork, video, or other related items.
2) when i upload a new package of songs it lets interested people know about it through email / RSS feeds, as well as registers it in a larger database or pool of songs like myspace.com
3) Creative Commons decides how work should be shared. Licensing decides how my work can be commercially used. Letting licensing companies know about my new work that they can license via commission is an option.
4) MP3 downloads, CD quality downloads, Torrents, Video, physical media (CD, DVD)

AaronDBaron says:


when you're in college, get a piece of paper and a cd and stick it up on walls and columns and write in magic marker...free music
if that doesn't work..
free porn
if that doesn't work,
throw it at people.