Life in wine country

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay between updates. I've been getting my hands dirty trying to get up and running. Here is a section from the about page:

DrupalART is a site dedicated to helping people build and develop Drupal sites for artists and musicians. The goals are to show (through examples) various ways Drupal can be used to build artist websites, and build documentation aimed at newbies trying to use Drupal for their art or music website.

Blah blah blah. Here are some more helpful links:

Anyway the overall idea is try to get some discussions going about how the internet can help artists and musicians make their lives easier. If you think you'd like to be a part of the discussion, please sign up for the mailing list.

In other news, aaron and i (with drew randomly logging offline) started meeting online to do remix work. last night we tried to work on stuff and the idea was to create "the best 8 bars" of a beat or noise or whatever. instead of uploading files directly over AIM, we tried to do it through midnightparking. You can listen to the results here.

been playing lots of guitar these days. thinking about recording a mini-ep for the summer, maybe like 5 songs, mostly guitar and voice based. nothing for sale, but just something for free i can post online and distribute by hand to people i know.

also asif has really been re-kindling my interest in picsounds, which sort of died off after he rocked the crap out of every picsound i had done with his vidsound. basically made me realize that the quality of picsounds really needs to go up or i need to rethink what they are about. p.s. (kaveh where is your text-sound?)

Past two weeks I hung out with griselda, saw the pacific ocean from an amazing cliff view, visited a redwood tree forest, and went to Napa vineyards (where the weather was amazingly hot. so hot it felt like a puffy cloud of warm goodness. although everyone else kept complaining ;) )

anyway i've been jabbering on too long here. tomorrow spin and i are gonna check out some hiphop action downtown.

Asif says:

there're too many things to comment on here so i'll just address one thing and save the rest for the next time I talk to you:

I believe I may have had a hand in Kaveh not having his text sound done yet. He's been waiting for me to send him something and I've been remarkably (though not uncharacteristically) lazy about it. I'm actually going to pull those images right now and send them his way.

Thanks for lighting the fire.

ps - next time we talk, ask me to talk to you about my current film project. it's going to be...interesting. maybe.

beethoven says:

hey asif, the plague year guys work/practice in philadelphia. we should go there and shoot a video with 'em.

sorry i got logged off aaron and farsheed - it is a shame because i was just about to drop some secret orange drink beats that were going to KILL aaron. (and mortally wound you, Farsheed)

next time i get a super-stable connection, i'm going to call you two up. and maybe kaveh, but he is too busy with G.C.A.T.D.T.A.S., you know?

farsh, can i please have a link in the music links section?

Asif says:

Forget Welcome The Fake Year

If you're going to come to the east coast for anything, it's to shoot an Orange Drink video.

although i guess you could say The Apparition is kind of like a 17 minute music video for OD...

Kaveh says:

Asif, thanx for sending the stills. I've been trying to heal my computer so that's part of the reason for the holdup too. Although in a few days Asif's picsound will be ready, and hopefully so will the one that Dan's helping me with. Otherwise, Orange Drink should do a video (and an album? we want Widowshakers!). Anyway, expect some cool flash stuff soon and cross yr fingers for my computer to get fixed's been over a week since i've worked on the Audiozine and I'm going BATSHITINSANE over the lost time...sincerely, George Clinton and the Distance Tribe AllStarz.

syrupface says:

Hello. Bought your CD at Parasol Records (the actual place) which I may also add is very difficult to find considering the sign in the window is barely visible and their adress is rubbing off their mailbox. Maybe it's just because I'm from Chicago. But it was cheap, and it is good, and I am now happy.

zirafa says:

Hello syrupface!
Thanks for listening to the musies. Hm did you know Paradiso Cafe also has the record for sale? And I agree that Parasol Records is hidden and in the middle of nowhere. What's up with that?

syrupface says:

Had a little bit of... trouble... finding paradiso cafe and unfortunately had to go to "somewhere that began with a t". Would've gone there but no one in town seemed to know where it was. Oh well.

beethoven says:


hemlock records is back in chicago! ready to rock! oh man i think my computer broke i'm sad, but no big deal, cause a lot of that !@#$ is backed up.

i was listening to Deadrescue last night - isn't that an orange drink song???????????????????????

QUINCE 4 LIFE (and 8 am lazers and we acediasts)

beethoven says:

i've had a hard drive crash, a new hard drive purchased, a new hard drive installed, another computer purchased and set up, all in the time it has taken yo wack @$$ to write a little update!

everything is dying.
the widowmaker.

beethoven says:

Kaveh says:

An update? That would be great!

Where's Kaveh's awesome's picsound's?

He Is Dreamsicle FudgeYum


AaronDBaron says:

update your site...or at least put back the mutant music and the stuff we did's not there...
you bum.

beethoven says:

Kaveh says:

Holy ghost, Robert Teets is fine as Whaaaaaaaa.


Farsheed. Why hast thou forsaken me? Give us an update. Post a cute picture of i don't even know what's happening right now.

*sucked into a whirlpool*

beethoven says:

it's all about the [img src]

AaronDBaron says:

you are soooooo slow....
do some point clicky stuff...put back mutant music...put back the node table....
you are sooooooooo bummy

beethoven says:

speaking of bummy, that is a really great aphex twin song! that should have been on an album of his - was it on a compilation? i <3 buttercream band

zirafa says:

sowwy, mutant music will be down for quite a while because of upgrading. looking to improve it though, hang on!!!