hey guys

Hey guys...so I'm back in Illinois in full force. It feels really weird to be back in school. I dunno, I guess it's just kinda weird cause I feel like I should just be doing music and webstuff full time, getting ready for all sorts of changes come january. Having this third entity, "school", really crowds my style. The courses I'm taking this last semester are the ones I put off in lieu of audio and music classes. I think I can say I took every music or audio class I wanted to from this school. What is left is simply the classes needed to finish my major. They aren't super boring or super interesting classes, but more or less nagging neighbors.
Wow, this must be exciting to read about!

I saw the Headlights open for the Headphones a few weeks ago. Pretty decent band, I didn't realize they were local (headlights). Next week seeing Sufjan Stevens, should be hot. Although zack and jamie said he was just ok in SF.

The Taciturns are thinking about getting re-united. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you will (i think). Anyhow, I'm also toying the idea of doing a solo act around town. It'll be half music, half cooking show. I'm looking for a good name for the show...something like:
"Cooking with...[fill in the blank]"

That's all to report for now. Please donate some money to the red cross or united way or similar organization and support the relief effort for New Orleans and Mississippi. This past week has been a heart breaking one, and we should all try to help out as much as possible.

Asif says:

"Cooking With..." might be too On The Nose if you're really planning on cooking stuff....maybe revitalizing "Antonio For Presidente" ???

but if you must, then how about "Cooking With Pedro Buttista" ?
"...with Clarence Hammelstein"
"...with Cresap"
"...with Cumin/Cardamum/Corianer/etc" your pick

good luck with your last year

beethoven says:

cooking with Sam Straw?

that sounds like a fun idea - watch out though, if you are serving or selling food in a public place, you need all sorts of permits and health inspections. technically, selling food at Big Soup was illegal - i think you could get around it if you didn't charge for food, but asked for donations.

zirafa says:

oh, let me clarify...i don't actually intend to cook at the event at all. i just plan on having mixing bowls and a chef's hat and start remixing songs on the fly and making lots of noise and maybe some live guitar and drums mixed in.

also, getting permits and stuff is fine and dandy, but it seems like overkill to jump through hoops like that. I bet you nobody really cares unless it is some sort of gigantic festival, or unless somebody gets really ill. And since it was all vegan, it would probably be difficult to get sick unless we served some nasty moldy fungus.

also kaveh - sorry i haven't put up your picsound yet!! will get to it this weekend...meanwhile everyone keep bothering me about it.

Asif says:

crap. and to think i was actually going to come to your show.

i'm officially retracting my suggestion of "Cresap"

get on that picsound!

also - i've got some unused bits of footage i shot on film....interested in seeing those and putting some music down? i don't know, maybe a 15 second vidsound that loops a few times? we'll see what i can pull out.

spinnerty says:

yay, update. i'll be in champaign on saturday sept 24th to play at soma with bozak again. and also probably doing something benefit-show-wise with IDF. talk to Amy Clay about that cuz i'm sure that she'd be into having a giraffe presence at the event. and for god's sake, stop whatever you are doing right now and go eat some mutha forkin pizza at papa dels because, as you know, there ain't no good thick crust in sf.

hannah says:

cooking with carrion. cooking with capers. cooking with cudgels.
hi farsheed and others, i've joined the club! or how about the sad frying pan? i'm envious of your sufjan date, seeing as both chicago shows are sold out.

mikelove says:

you were right, it is way too cold this summer. i broke down today and cried it was so cloudy and cold. it was fun hanging out and watching paperrad and listening to neal talk about his roommates. cooking with crabcakes.

beethoven says:

yo, i was just saying so you wouldn't get in trouble. you can feed drugs to little kids for all i care! (true story)

what's cresap?

zirafa says:

asif: yes, i'm interested in checkin out vids and making some picsounds.

hannah: welcome to the club! sufjan should be fun.

mike: it is hot here in illinois. i gotta say, san francisco has indian pizza and cold weather. here they have papa dels and hot weather. for the time being, i'm lovin it. ;)

dan: i think uchiphop is playing that benefit and i'm supposed to do something with agent mos/aliteration. we did something for quad day which seemed to work out...but some sort of cooking presence might be fun too.

drew: i will take your advice and start poisoning the kids.

beethoven says:

i am the black gold of the sun.

david Segal says:

Cooking with Beats