trying to attain...

Often I tear down my old site only to put up another one. Then a few months later I'll do the same thing. I think the reason is because I'm learning how to do new things as I go along and so a few months down the road the previous design seems really really outdated. Also I think I have this penultimate vision of what a website can be and until I can get I will constantly keep re-inventing. This time around, I'm trying to come up with a template that can be used by both aaron and spinnerty. We all have pretty similar needs which is basically 1) broadcast music 2)make it easy for people to contact us or buy stuff and 3) make it easy to post news/journal entries. Also it'd be nice to post photos and videos, which I'm trying to setup as well.

It's starting to get cold. And something inside of me really wants the cold, the part that remembers how it feels to get into a warm bed or drink hot cocoa when it is 20 below out. It all sounds so wonderful now but I bet I won't be smilin' when my boogers freeze and my face starts cracking from the bite of a bitter winter. Whatever, maybe I'm just glad to be transitioning again.

beethoven says:

wow! :-D

spinnerty says:

yaaay. i like this! and your thought of me wanting to use it is absolutely correct!

mikelove says:

man, those songs are great.

cavedweller says:

yea, those new songs are really, really good man. really.

Asif says:

hearing dusty sun brought a little tear to my eye...thinking of when i knew it in its infancy as slowsun...sorry i havent sent you those films clips yet. im going to VB tomorrow for about a week but when i get back, i'll get on it. good stuff all the same.

zirafa says:

hehe is still saved on my computer as slowsun....but i didn't want to name it that since i already have slowlock. also, i figure dusty is a better way to describe it