some updates from down under

what the dilly pants? peep the updates:

  1. added tracks from "makeshift drifters", and a select box for listening to albums.
  2. added a FEED ME link at the top which feeds in blogs of my friends, music, photo blogs of other people, as well as news and other interesting feeds I find.
  3. FINALLY got my ass in gear and uploaded some photos to flickr. Flickr is a really cool picture hosting website. Zacker got me a free account over the summer, but I haven't had a chance to use it. Check out my photos (currently of a graffiti festival I saw in SF)
  4. added some links to friends websites (upper right block)
beethoven says:

i love it! drewsbassone is the best song ever because of the little edit in the beginning. ;)


zirafa says:

yo, check out the FEED ME link at the top. I sucked in your myspace feed ;)

beethoven says:

radical - hey, why doesn't it have the most recent posts?

zirafa says:

it does, but they are listed at the bottom - i think things got a bit screwed up when you transferred your old livejournal stuff to myspace. asif's and mos seem to be in order, just yours is out of order. for some reason it stamps the time of 2:00AM on all of those posts. very strange! something must be wrong with myspace's feed at the moment...