New Digs.

I live in a garage. I make no bones about it. I pay practically nothing, with utilities included. The space is basically a converted garage (technically only half of a garage), with very good insulation, tile floors, bed, stove, and refrigerator. You may notice I didn't mention a kitchen. There isn't any - I have to wash my vegetables in the bathroom sink or *shudder*....the shower. The shower is the only part of the place I'm embarrassed to show people because it has a concrete floor like you'd find at the community pool shower. I wear flip-flops in the shower because psychologically I don't consider it part of my place. There just happens to be this thing where water spouts out above my head so I figure I can stick some shampoo in my hair and have a go at it.

The best part of living in a tiny place like this is that you have no room for extra junk, or you have to get creative in how you store your junk. I aim for the former, but most likely am the latter, although I'm beginning to realize stacking things won't work forever. I thought I could use some of my possessions as tables for others, but that's pretty inconvenient if your table is a bass drum from a drumkit. If I want to use the bass drum, I have to dump everything that was on it *somewhere*, and of course there is no where to put it - that's why it was there in the first place. I would love to install shelves but the walls are made of plaster and as the landlord said, "would probably crumble if I drove a nail into it".

Everyone I describe this place too ends up saying things like, "Oh I'm so sorry" or "I hope things will improve" or "When do you move out?" I furrow my eyebrows trying to figure out why people think I must be living in squalor. Yeah, it may not be the mansion of my dreams but in a weird way it really simplifies my life to have everything in one place. It definitely makes me think about what domestic items are really important and essential, and forces me to get rid of things that will just take up space. Most importantly, it's warm, relatively clean, and extremely cheap. At this point in my life it is just what I need. I just wish it wasn't 20 miles from any nearby civilization. :)

3-leet (not verified) says:

Yeah, since we live in the same region, I share your frustration of living 20 miles from Farmer City (i.e. nearby civilization). Oh, regarding shelving, get some freestanding metal utility shelves, very cheap, and fits the "garage" theme.

asifx (not verified) says:

there's a nice juicy empty room steak in brooklyn...

zirafa says:

ahhhh! i don't want to emphasize the "garage" theme!