Live The Contradiction. Bootybot returns?

My buddy Sasha just put out an album, entitled "Live the Contradiction". Instead of putting out a physical album, he's decided to do an online release, or "website release". It makes a lot of sense actually. For 25 bucks/year, you can buy a domain name with 100 megabytes of storage, just enough for an album. For such a low fee, you get your work out to a large amount of people, in a format they probably prefer, and it costs you a fraction of what physical CDs would (if you buy $1000 worth of CDs, it's a 97.5% markdown), and you get a unique identity with the domain name. Not bad.

All you need is someone who can write HTML, such as myself. Sasha wanted to keep it real simple, like as if you were sitting at your computer looking at the desktop. And look at what sort of hilarious results we got. STAAAAART ME UP!

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

ha ha ha, that was funny when i looked at the time!

Mike (not verified) says:

that is nice website. hey, Farsheed, mr. sound engineer, can you make something for me: a construction crew has been breaking up concrete for about 3 months now next door. can you make me a program that listens to the construction noise, detects the bpm, and plays some music that covers it up? i'm thinking quarter notes of some incredibly fast punk, or maybe you could make it into highhat 1/16 notes.