Free Alaa!

Blogger, social organizer, and web developer was arrested in Egypt.

He was arrested this week for his involvement in a protest supporting
independent judges. He is now blogging from prison so you can follow
along. Protest this injustice by linking to articles, participating in google bombing, blogging about it, and contacting the egyptian embassy to voice your concerns!

Links for further reading below.


lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

i shared the links with some friends. a crazy story. ha, html is indeed "wicked"

xbeethovenx (not verified) says:

happy birthday! w-w-w-what what!

...if you want to make it a really happy birthday, i've got some pre-pubes in the back.

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

Saw a piece on Democracy Now ( )today about Alaa... crazy story for sure.

How have you been lately man?