An $80 lesson

My friend Onur stopped by today to check out my apartment. I went outside to meet him, and when I tried to get back in my apartment, the door was locked. I should've been surprised, but more ridiculous things have happened to me since I've moved in to my apartment in Chicago. The neighbors downstairs didn't have the number for our landlord, and I of course had my landlord's number safely tucked away in a folder, in my apartment. An hour later the locksmith came and after unsuccessfully picking the lock, used a flathead screwdriver to pop the lock open and I was out $80 bucks. I suppose he did provide a service, but it still felt like highway robbery.

Oh, and let the games begin. I want to use this challenge as an opportunity to post some new picsounds and/or music, and hopefully less posts about me doing dumb things ;)