Jared quit today.

Today I received quite a disheartening phone call. It was Chris, telling me Jared had quit his job today. He could barely hold back his tears, I could tell. I didn't know what to make of it. I hardly had gotten time to know Jared. I wonder what had happened. Problems at work? Bad breakup??

There is only one thing that didn't make sense about the phone call:

I don't know who ANY OF THESE PEOPLE ARE!!!!!

asifx (not verified) says:

Hah! The same thing happened to me today!

I went on my lunch break and checked my voicemail...the usual. I kept it on silent and sat down to eat in a cafe. As I was leaving, I looked at my phone to see what time it was and noticed that I had three new messages. I didn't recognize the numbers of any of the missed calls.

What I heard was the last thing I could have ever expected.

They were all from a Major in the US Army, desperately trying to reach someone named Judy regarding someone named Emma. He was distressed in the first one and only got worse with the subsequent messages. Worried that this might be an issue of life and death, I quickly called him back to inform him that he had the wrong number.

His first response to my explanation was a hurried, "do you have anything to do with the military?" and he slammed down the receiver before I could even finish saying no.

crazy times. hope emma is ok.

Zack (not verified) says:

That's just so sad farsheed. The coffee shop downstairs at my old apartment closed down. That's even sadder. I couldn't tell my mom yet and she is coming for a visit soon.

nice new website farsheed. i love what you've done with the place.

zirafa says:

oh no! that's really a shame. that coffee shop was amazing. i hope they are just moving to another location?

scoby (not verified) says:

I got voicemail from a heartbroken man who was sobbing into the phone because he just wanted his beloved Lorraine back.
"I don't care what happened before, I forgive you, I just want you back"

He rang again later and I picked up. An extremely awkward coversation about international dialling codes followed.