Is this anyone I know?

I don't usually write about my work (mainly 'cause I think it would just bore people to death), but I couldn't resist this one. Over the last two years I've done a lot of work with Drupal and part of that work has been making an Audio Playlist module for organizing audio files into albums, playlists, podcasts, iTunes skin, etc.

** crickets chirping **

Anyway, I setup a demo site for the stuff I was workin on, where people can upload small, one megabyte audio files and make playlists with it. Today I randomly checked the demo site and found this audio clip. It kind of sounds like Mike Love. Mike, is that you?

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  1. Shoopity by Possibly Mike

    0:07 minutes (108.62 KB)
zirafa says:

or, one of the cosbys.

asifx (not verified) says:

It's funny you should mention that...I was just going to ask you to explain the process of adding one of those players you've got to my blog. email me when you get a chance...thanks chumppp.

zirafa says:

the little player is from

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

that is not me, but damn that guy has rhythm. rhythm - that word is hard to spell.