stealing dealings

I have been riding on some free internet at my house for a bit, but it looks like the gig's up. I'm posting this from a cafe before I forget. When I called to setup my internet, I felt like I was part of a practical joke. The guy on the other line (who was actually pretty cool) priced my internet at some astronomical figure. When I asked him if we could go over why it cost so much, he started saying, "Oh, let me just punch in a discount code." I was a little bewildered, but then I realized it was a game we had to play. So I kept sounding very unsure about the cost, and he kept punching in different codes. It was absolutely ridiculous. At some point I just asked him, "Hmm...let me think about that. Are there any other codes to reduce the price?" and he did seem to try his hardest. In the end though, I still felt like I was screwed. Mainly because I have the feeling that somewhere, somehow, somebody knows the coupon code that ends up with the cable company buying them a new car or something.