Hm. What's that smell?

On the plane today I had the unfortunate luck of sitting next to someone who I believe was emitting some strange odors. I'm not sure how or from where, but I knew that at certain moments in time I'd get a whiff of something odd. It wasn't anything repulsive, just a little uncomfortable. Towards the end of the flight, however, I was jostled awake by (what I thought was) a strange noise coming from the engine. In doing so, I got a whiff of another scent, this time extremely foul smelling and pungent. I immediately covered my nose to prevent myself from gagging. I slowly rotate my eyeballs to the person next to me to see if her armpit wasn't accidentally in my face. Just past her I see a young 13 year old boy sitting hunched over, attempting (and failing) to make use of an air sickness bag. Upon missing his target, he succesfully launched projectile vomit clear across our aisle and into the next, covering the entire floor in the process. The flight crew didn't know what to do - they just laid a blanket over it and announced to the passengers to be wary of the slippery conditions on the runway.

I breathed through my mouth the rest of the flight.

ben (not verified) says:

are you cheating? asif thinks you didn't post yesterday.

airplane (not verified) says:

thats funny, bill never has a second cup of coffee at home...


thats funny, bill never vomits at home.....

zirafa says:

Asif called me a quarter to 11 PM, not midnight. I'm central time, fools!

ben (not verified) says:

that's what i figured. i knew you'd never let me down.