Snoop Froggy Frog

I was very sad when I searched for "snoop froggy frog" online and found no interesting results. So, I am making my contribution to society. Shout out to Ben Wilkinson, circa 1994, Mr. Calhoun's science class.

lost in the parking lot (not verified) says:

yikes! i did almost the same thing with a picture of almost the same frog...but I put Sartre's head on had to be there...

Darren (not verified) says:

Snoop Froggy Frogg was a character in Fear of a Black Hat ;)

lost in the parking lot mike (not verified) says:

in mr. calhoun's class one time, ben wilkinson filled up some volcano thing with extra combustable fluid without telling me and then told me to light it. it burnt the hair on my hand off - but mr. calhoun didn't care. ben wilkinson and mr. roboto didn't like each other though.

AliciaMilford (not verified) says:

Great!!! Snoop dog is so handsome...))))) I'll post this picture to my essay in Biology