I need a buzzer.

So tonight Mike and Kristin came to visit. It seems that everytime somebody comes to visit (ok so it's only the second visit I've had) somethin bizzaro happens. Griselda and I had just ordered a pizza and were waiting for it. After M + K came the doorbell rang and the van honked outside so I ran down to pay for the pizza. After getting the pizza, I realized the order was completely wrong (olives, bleh) and I had accidentally paid the driver 45 bucks! I also found out that the doorbell to my apartment also rings the apartment below me. So that's annoying to think that everytime somebody comes to see me, the people below me get buzzed too. (how does that kind of wiring happen anyway?)

Good thing we had ordered from the reputable Giordano's - they gave us another pizza and my $20 bucks back.

It's dark downstairs - gotta get some light down there so I don't overpay again. And gotta fix that buzzer. Ok gotta post before it's too late...!

asifx (not verified) says:

hey man, if you think that's bad, try having a buzzer system that's (apparently) so confusing to all delivery people that rather than deduce which buzzer corresponds to which apartment, they buzz all three units within the building in hopes that they'll hit the right one...

what's more, the button in our apt. that buzzes people in doesn't work so you have to run downstairs to let people in every time...and when you're running down to grab chinese food, you have to navigate your way past the angry stares of the tennants in the other two apartments who have also been buzzed by the guy with your sesame chicken.

zirafa says:

Oh. Didn't mean to confuse - my place doesn't have buzzer either. It's just a shitty electronic doorbell. So when the doorbell rings I bolt down 3 flights of stairs to catch the person (UPS is the worst) before they give up and before the first floor guy opens his door with a groan on his face.

Kristin (not verified) says:

Haha, I'd like to visit again just to see what other strangeness will unfold.

I have a blog, mostly just pictures: veryprairie.blogspot.com

zirafa says:

I got it up on my links page ;)