I just got back from the Ratatat show which Dave recommended I go see. Man, that show was awesome. I was really impressed how they kept things moving and so energetic, considering the band was a 3 piece, with one of the members playing synthesized beats/keys, the other guitar, and the other bass guitar. Also, the music was completely instrumental, and they hardly ever talked to the audience. They did have a projector to keep things visually interesting, and this amazing flash strobe thing which would periodically send a blast of magnesium white light everywhere (kinda looked like an explosion). I think part of the reason the show was captivating was that the sound they had was really rich. The beats were *highly* polished, and the organ/lead would sometimes bring back waves of 8-bit nostalgia as it sounded so similar to early nintendo music, but then the guitar and bass would provide some grit to even out the sound and make it just dirty enough to rock. Harmonically they rely on some medieval era 5th and 4th intervals which give the illusion of "bigness" and "power" (and 80s metal double guitar lead lines). Anyway, enough jabber. I'm attaching a track so you can judge for yourself.

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  1. Lex by Ratatat

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