Mutant music v2?

One of the things I think is fun to do with the internet is something I've called, "mutant music". Basically the idea is there is a group of people who are interested in remix/collaborating on some music. One person (or many people) submit initial ideas to the group, so that other group members can take those fragments or ideas and turn them into another idea. The ideas keep mutating and developing until the group creates a monster. It's a nice way to introduce half-finished, fragmented, or abandoned ideas to a larger, collective conciousness that may take it in many, many directions. I think it's kinda fun.

A while back I had a little test version of mutant music up, but I'm planning on launching something a bit more polished as a separate site sometime in the future. Details will follow...

wolverine (not verified) says:

hey, quit dehuma.. err, demutanizing my kind!