Broke down.

I need to learn more about how cars work.

3-leet (not verified) says:

so what was wrong with the car? My guess is Water pump

zirafa says:

yep, you got it. water pump and probably also busted hose. getting it officially checked out tomorrow. the water pump is also located in the exact spot where we heard noises about 1.5 months ago. it would also explain the mysterious liquid found in that area. i have a feeling that the noise was coming from something failing in the water pump, and then it stopped making that noise which probably meant something worse, then the coolant leaked out, engine overheat, water pump broke.

pretty expensive to fix.

3-leet (not verified) says:

normally when the timing belt gets replaced (every 60,000 miles), people replace the water pump as well because they are located in the same area, and its cheaper to do them both at once. But apparently in your case, that didn't happen, unless the timing belt hasn't been changed in a long time. If they are replacing the water pump now, you might ask them how much more it would be to do the timing belt as well, and then you'd be good for another 60,000.