A reminder from my sis

Stay Free! a re-mix contest is closing this week.
Postmark your entries by September 30 for full consideration.

Your mission is to creatively reinterpret 2 songs written by
Lennon/Ono and the Stones in the early 1970s about black activist
Angela Davis through a re-mix, cut-up, cover version, video, website,
anything goes. There are no rules except that entries should respond
to the songs and their relationship to Angela Davis and her activism.
Please go to the project website
to hear the songs and learn more. A panel of judges will rate entries
for an award of $100 USD. A matching donation will be made to the
Prison Activist Resource Center in California. Entries will not be
used for commercial purposes.

spin or tee (not verified) says:

i'd like take this opportunity to *discourage* the readers of this site from submitting....so that i may actually have a shot at winning! hehe

no, this is a dope concept, and i think everyone should do something for it. if not for the sake of the contest, for the sake of stepping outside of your usual mode.