The Venice Project and Angry French Guy

Skype Founders' Venice Project Revealed

The founders of Skype, Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, are offering
a sneak peak into their newest venture, The Venice Project, a video
site that combines professionally produced TV and user-submitted videos
with the interactive tools of Web 2.0. So, what will Venice offer to
combat YouTube's dominance? Streaming video with DVD-like controls,
on-screen menus of preset channels, and interactive tools to share
video playlists are only the beginning. Venice's Beta will be expanded
by the middle of November, with general release by New Year's Day.

Hey wait a minute! Isn't that what open source Democracy TV is already?

From an older article:

People love to watch TV. They love professional storytelling by people who know what they are doing. And people love the Internet, because of the choice and the social qualities. We are trying to bring the best of both worlds together," Friis said.

Really interested to see what emerges from this. Bundled, packaged content distribution in an easily digestable format. The really big news here is they want to get the major production companies and TV networks onboard. This of course will keep them legit, unlike some of their competitors.

Thankfully, an open source, free alternative technology has already been around for a while, Democracy TV. I really am hoping DTV can gain some leveraging power and become a real contender for internet distribution because as a non-profit org they don't have the same commercial motives that something like the venice project will have. However, they don't have nearly the contacts or resources Skype has to break to mainstream usage at this point.

Angry French Guy says: